Minimalist Graphic Liner.

Hey guys! Long time, no write. How are you doing?

You know, it’s been a shit-storm around here and it’s all we can do to keep still and wait for COVID-19 to pass.
The pandemic has totally changed life as we know it, forcing us to slow down and adjust. 
We’re now forced to become more health/safety conscious, more reflective and aware of our choices, from food, environmental practices, retail and shopping to government policies, both locally and at a global scale.

One other area of life affected is creativity, especially for content creators like myself. 
I must say that creators worldwide have stepped up commendably with keeping people entertained and inspired in these dark times, while still going through the same feelings as everyone else. Bravo guys!

Social media and the internet in general has been a lifeline for many people, both out of necessity [for news and information] and for pleasure/hope. 
From home/indoor photography, Tiktok challenges, home decor/organisation, Twitter think pieces and even Tinder, because every aspect of our social lives still accessible is precious and we must stay hopeful and inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, beauty and style are a relevant and favorite part of my life, so I finally indulged in one makeup trend that I've been meaning to try out; The minimalist graphic liner.
The photos came out so great it inspired me to write this blog post, after many weeks of writer’s block, that is how powerful it felt.
Now, I’m quite competent with eyeliners, but I was very pleased with my near-precision with the lines, especially for my first try, because this look calls for a steady hand and an understanding of your eye shape, in order to determine the angle and length to draw your liner to. 
No worries if you have to do it a few times to perfect it though, you're indoors now anyway, right?

For this makeup look, one key thing is to keep the rest of the face clean and sculpted, which is why I went pro with my skin-prep and contouring. Can you tell?

It's such a simple and satisfying makeup look, don't you think? Let me know what you think in the comments.

By the way, you should totally follow me on Instagram @skynotfancy. I finally got my account back after so many trials and tribulations, but I’m having to start over, which I’m not very mad about because nothing like a clean slate to build something of your dreams. In this case, it’s a simple, clean, minimalist Instagram page that better reflects who I am.

Also, I have some interesting videos on my YouTube channel, so also check it out and kindly subscribe too! [channel name is also SkyNotFancy].

Also also, i caved and opened a TikTok. I have one video up already but i'm still not convinced that i have the personality and coolness for that app. We shall see. Follow me in the meantime @skynotfancy.

Phew! This has to be my longest blog post in a long time, if not ever. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Stay safe.

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