Style Basic: The White Shirt.

The white shirt is THE FOUNDATION of every stylish wardrobe, minimalist or not. Not only is a pure-white button-down shirt universally flattering, it's super easy to style and in several different ways too.
Whether you're a 'go big or go home' dresser or veer towards the conservative side like me, a classic white button-down shirt will serve you well. [See how I've styled it in two ways here].

White shirts/blouses are simple pieces that are helping me continue my transition into a minimalist and neutral aesthetic generally. 
This is a process that i'm enjoying so much and these days, it is becoming a signature look for me, as i find myself reaching for any of my three white shirts whenever i need to dress up.

I wore it here paired into a pair of cropped white-washed jeans and simple clear sandals. 

As far as accessories go, I kept it simple as usual with gold jewelry, my day silver wristwatch and small a black purse.
The other amazing thing about this simple outfit is how easy and clean it makes me look, especially with the dark lipstick which I've found is a quick way to amp up a white or monochromatic look.
On another note, the colour white makes me feel light and peaceful, which are emotions that i crave and value these days. 
Also, it's inspired me to clean-up other areas of my life. So I have started re-doing my bedroom and for partly similar reasons, I'm also restarting my Instagram journey.
More on this later but please follow me @skynotfancy_


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