Black Monochrome Style.

Hello babes, today's post is all about black, monochrome style.
Now my fashions have be a little uninspired for the most part of the year and i got distracted from my visions of a perfectly curated, minimalist, effortlessly, clean, chic and neutral wardrobe, thanks to my renewed passion for real FA-SHUNs, 2018-2019 being the era of designer frenzy, all two seasons of fashion weeks worldwide including Lagos and everything online really.

In the spirit of being intentional and minimalist, i have started re-studying my style and wardrobe, to see what i think and feel now and then i will gradually rebuild my wardrobe, which is an exciting project that I am looking forward to.

One major constant in my style has been the all-black ensemble.
Sleek, easy-to-wear, universally flattering and clean, black outfits are the very foundation of my sartorial heart and i can’t get enough. Whether worn together with another color or alone in a monochromatic look, black just works.

I wore my thrifted black knit top, paired with these high-waisted Mango pants that have become my one go-to pants, and clear sandals. The camel hat was an unplanned piece that I thought of last minute and borrowed from my friend, but it still worked out beautifully. The power of neutrals.
Monochromatic style is easy to pull-off by almost anyone and very flattering too, as it helps streamline the body silhouette and renders you in a single, continuous stylish column. I look practically 7-feet tall in this 😃
In case black is not your color, you can apply the same concept to other colors, rocking a single shade from head to toe or pairing different shades of the same color.

That’s my case for black monochromatic outfits. 


P.S, ICYMI, i posted my birthday wishlist for this year, go here to take a look.

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