2019 Birthday Wishlist.

Hey guys, it's about to be Novemberrrrrrr!!
My sweet November, my favorite month in the entire year and most importantly, the month of my birthday yay!
I am so hyped about this season, and not just because of my birthday, but because i generally feel my best around this time of year, for as long as i can remember. 
The good spirits usually stay on till the holidays so I'm super happy because to be honest, it's been a shitty year and i need the break, okay?

Now, except for last year when i was away at the Next Titan competition, i usually put up a birthday wishlist, partly for fun and partly in hopes that God will bless me with the items through some generous soul(s).
Putting these wishlists together is very fun and gratifying for me because i am challenged to think about what i want, without the handicap of worrying about the cost or how to acquire the items, like i would if this were a list of 'goals', you know what i mean? 
Also, i have had some items i'd put up before be gifted to me by some friends and even a total stranger one time, which was mind-blowing for me. So who knows, i just might get some of my wishes granted this year too.

Anyway, i'm here with my 2019 Birthday Wishlist, feel free to gift me any or all of the items on this list and God will bless you, amen? amen!

For neatness sake, I've grouped the items into three categories and added direct links to stores that carry them:

These items are on a NEED basis, as my camera is super old and currently in need of a major repair (again), so i really just need a new camera to work please.

1. Nikon D750 or the much more affordable Nikon D5500.
2. Class 10, 32GB or bigger Sansdisk SD card.
3. Oriamo neck bluetooth earpiece.

4. Zara black block heels Black high heel sandals or these Black heels from Zara or these Zara quilted heels. My size is UK7/US8/EU40.
5. River island high-waisted black jeans - Black high-waisted jeans (not pictured).
6. Gold & black watch: From Daniel Wellington or this Micserah one.

7. Gucci Intense Oud, YSL Black Opium & Mugler Alien Oud Majestueux ( I am liking the idea of crisp, spicy and powerful scents and i've studied these ones. I want!).
8. Gift cards/Vouchers from our local spas and beauty retailers - Beauty Frenzy , Essenza or Allure Beauty.
I want 'cards' for N20,000 and N50,000 to buy the skin care and makeup items i want. My skin is also in dire need of a chemical peel or micro-dermabration session, so i want one or both of those at any of the top med-spas here in Lagos (either B-natural or Skye Aesthetics).
The list is long and i thought this is a neater way to do it.
9. THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT OF ALL - Money, Money, Money & more money. Any amount, all amounts, nothing is too small. I can send you my account details in a second.

That's it babes, a very short and reasonable list, if i do say so myself lol.
My birthday is on the 26th of November, but i start collecting gifts from the 1st of November till the end of the month, so please start bringing them in 😃


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