Style: White Button-down Shirt | Two-way Styling.

Hello everyone! We are talking classic fashion pieces today, specifically, the white, button-down shirt.
After the skinny black jeans, the plain white, button-down shirt is arguably the second most-important piece of clothing to have in your closet.

As a minimalist, i’m a big believer in curating your wardrobe intentionally and with my personal style in mind, so every single piece I own is comfortable, suits my body & lifestyle and is 100% flattering on me. This white shirt is one of such pieces.  
This particular piece is made of linen fabric and is in a slightly-loose cut , which is my personal preference and i actually find it the most flattering cuts for shirt.

Classic, universally flattering no matter your style, size or even complexion, easy to wear and super versatile, the white shirt can work with all kinds of outfits, for various occasions including work, parties, editorials, church, dates and even weddings, yes.

I styled my white button-down shirt  two ways in this post; work style and casual style.

For work, i styled it with a pair of gingham pants that were one of my favorites when i was in corporate, along with a pair of black pumps and a complimentary gray tote bag. Classic all around.
I popped on some power-red lipstick and simple silver accessories to tie-up the look.

For the casual look, i wore it with my blue mom-jeans, paired it nude clear-heeled sandals and a tiny leather purse. 
My beloved Chanel scarf added a stylish, French touch to the outfit, and minimalist gold accessories tied it all up!
 A white button-down shirt can do so much more and i can’t wait to show you in my future posts.
So if you don’t have a white-button down shirt in your closet yet, get one now!

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