Skin Care: D.I.Y Bentonite Clay Face mask For Oily Skin.

 Hello guys! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend?
I'm just chilling and taking care of myself, especially my skin, which has gone though a lot in these recent weeks.
One way i tackle my skin is with clay masks. Bentonite clay masks, specifically.

Bentonite clay is known to be very effective in caring for oily skin, especially for clearing out and tightening large pores, which is my biggest skin issue.
When activated with other ingredients such as water or apple cider vinegar, it bonds together and act as a magnet/sponge to draw out toxins and excess sebum that clog pores.

This particular clay is known to also help balance out excess oil on the skin, with drying out or irritating the skin.

Now to my D.I.Y face mask.
I put some bentonite clay, with about one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of water, all in a small plastic container, mixing it into a paste with a plastic stick or spatula.
Then i apply the mixed clay all over my face, making sure to cover all the spots that i have very large pores and acne.
I leave on the mask for about 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.
I immediately follow this up with some toner and moisturizer.
Very simple to make, leaving the skin calm and soothed, with reduced oil levels and smaller pore sizes.

I use this mask about one to two times a week and it has helped my pores and skin texture significantly.

You can watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel
Thanks for reading guys. Have you tried this mask? Please share your experience in the comments!

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