Style: Gingham Jacket.

Hello everyone and happy new year! It’s so weird to be writing that, because i have actually been well and active over my social media (Instagram and YouTube. Please follow me/subscribe) and IRL but this is my first post here for this year, so, happy new  year!
I plan to do more style posts than beauty for 2019 because it was the other way around last year and i have been pouring through my stash of fashion magazines and looking at the current Spring 2019 collections been shown now (did you see the Spring'19 Balmain Couture Collection? It’s sublime), I’m definitely re-inspired to give more attention to my other passion apart from beauty; fashion.
 So, this outfit is a simple dress-up on my signature look; black skinny jeans (I’ll buy a new pair this year, i promise. This one is practically crying for help), a t-shirt and simple heels.
The gingham jacket was a hand-me-down from a friend and it made for a nice complement to the simple outfit.
Gingham is one of those classic prints, along with polka dots and stripes. The smaller pattern of this particular jacket makes it understated enough to be classy and a flattering option for fuller figures like mine. If you are a certain size, it’s safer to go for the tinier prints/patterns.
 A red lip and simple accessories completed the look. Simple, minimal and chic, just the way i like it.

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