Review: Flawless Ivy HD 24-Hour Matte Foundation.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays, yeah? Ok.
Well today’s post is a foundation review for the FlawlessIvy HD Water-proof, 24-hour Matte, Oil-free foundation (such a long name lol).

Flawless Ivy is a Nigerian makeup brand that launched this year and they’ve grown quite popular among beauty/makeup enthusiasts for their wide range of product offerings, decent quality and very affordable pricing.
The brand has products from foundation, powders, eye shadows, and many others.
Fast forward to the Christmas Makeup Fair earlier in this month, I decided to give them a shot, so I purchased their HD matte foundation.
I had seen a few reviews and videos of this foundation around, plus it sells for less than N3,000 (around $8) so I was okay with trying it.
- First thing to note is that the foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump and an opaque cap, which is very good. Liquid foundations that come without a cap or applicator should be banned by now.
- Second thing is the consistency. This foundation is thick guys. Thick but not sticky.
Application is easy and quite even but the product dries quickly so I advise applying it in bits and blending very fast, until all areas of your face are covered, instead of the more common way of putting bits of foundation all over your face and then blending.
- Shade and undertone is warm but not red which is a big plus! I got mine in the shade ‘Honey’, which is the best match I’ve ever gotten from a foundation.
Overtone and undertone correct, with no changes overtime time and oxidation. Nice!
- Coverage: I personally avoid full coverage foundations because of my skin. I have huge pores that get clogged easily, plus a lot of texture, so heavy products are a no for me.
With the thickness of this foundation, I apply very little of it and still get very full coverage.
- Long wear: It lasts all day for me and doesn’t move, which is great.

Only problem with this foundation is that I get some breaking around my mouth and nose after wearing it for a long time. 
Washing it off is also a struggle! It is indeed waterproof so you have to put in some good effort to get it off your skin, so that’s not so great for me.
Overall it’s such a great product. One of the best from our Nigerian makeup brands, in fact, so check them out on their website and on Instagram too. That is, after you’ve followed me..

That's it! See you in my next post!

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