Makeup: Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Inspired Look.

Hello! Today’s post is a pepper-hot makeup tutorial that was inspired by the Fenty Beauty’s Moroccan Spice eye-shadow palette.
I don’t own the palette (yet) but I am, like most regular folks, a little overwhelmed by the tons of makeup products being launched every other month now.
From eye-shadows to lip products and even foundation ranges, it’s a lot even for me, and I like makeup *sigh*.
Anyway, I think a lot of the colors in majority of the new releases are available in existing products and if you look into your stash, you might be able to create almost any look you want, without parting with a Kobe (or USD/GBP) for the new stuff.

Now I’m not against patronizing our fave brands but there’s nothing wrong with sitting out some new launches if you already have the shades being presented.

The Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice eye-shadow palette got a lot of buzz when it was launched and it also got mixed reviews. Not on the formulation (Rihanna and her team have that on lock-down, I’ve heard), but on the shades.
The options, especially when it’s named after a famous, tropical, ‘spicy’, rich in history, color and spirit place such as Morocco, were underwhelming to most people, including myself.
Coincidentally, I have quite a few of the colors in the palette already, so I went apainting and came up with this look 😊
I really like this look. The  gold/orange tones flatter my complexion and that green along my bottom lashes make for a great accent. I also went ham with the highlight & contour because this look is supposed to packed a punch, right?

That's it for this post, i hope you like it.
Also, I’ll be doing this popular-makeup-products-inspired look often, so, stay tuned.

Also, also, I made a video! Watch, like, subscribe, tell other people to do the same, etc.
Yes, i cut my hair again , more on that later.

Blessings to you.

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