Style: Jeans & Tees.


It has been a long minute since I blogged about one of my fave outfits and a signature casual look: the Jeans and Tee. A more classic combination has not been created, let me tell you. 
A hall-of-fame style that is easy to pull-off and more importantly, put together, by practically anyone. Plus, it’s versatile too!

You can easily shift the vibe from this rocker-chic that I have going on in this post to a more tom-boyish one, simply by switching your footwear from sleek heels like these to any sneaker of your choice and maybe untying the front of the t-shirt.
You can even rock this outfit with pumps and it’ll work. Almost every kind of footwear or even accessory works with a jeans-and-tee combo.
For this look, I pulled my trusty old black skinny jeans (I know, I know, I’ll buy another pair soon. After this one dies. So maybe not so soon. Because minimalism. And they fit me well, ok?), paired with simple minimal heels and one of my fave tees that once belonged to my friend Kollins. 
Listen, if you have male friends or a male significant other, absolutely steal borrow/take t-shirts from them. Men's tees have that relaxed fit that you want, better than the female versions do…
Hashtag, Team belly-fat 😃
Anyway, I hope you like this look. Are you a jeans-and-tee kind of girl or you’re team 'polished'?

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