Style: Culottes.

Cullotes have been one style item filed under 'NEVER' for me (along with with the fanny-pack-across-the-waist/chest thing that's been everywhere since the summer UGH) until now.

If you're anything above a size 6-8, then being careful about outfits that lack structure should be a familiar struggle. 
Even when i wear loose clothing, which i usually do, i tend to have them in clean, structured lines. So when culottes were the rave some two years ago or so, i totally ignored them. I wasn't about to add more undecided bulk to my derriere and thigh area, plus the awkward length can add to ones stumpiness if one is not careful.. No ma'am.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago when my friend gifted me these white pair. 
I pondered about it for a while, styled it in my head, added the accessories in my mind and thought that i should give it a shot. I could always take it off if it looks funny.

Here we are. I looked casually chic in it, the slightly-cropped top i decided to pair it with showed the tiniest amount of belly fat skin which made me very happy and feel sexy, my body doesn't look weird and the accessories worked! 
Now these culottes are one of my 'going out', special items, who'd have thunk it?

I am now on the hunt or a black pair (of course) and that's how i know i love it. Gotta have it in black.
Thanks Nse for the photos!

Moral of the story: Never say never. We should be less critical of ourselves/bodies and not be afraid to try new things. Except wearing a fanny pack under my breast. I'm not doing that.

Style tips: 
- Keep your top close-fitted to accentuate your midriff and create a balance between your upper body and the bulk below.
- Culottes go better with heels.
- White looks so expensive and chic with gold accessories.

What style item is a no-no-never for you? Have you tried anything new style wise? how did it go?

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