Style: Mom Jeans | How to Style It & A Casual Take.

The ever rotating doors of fashion and style opens up and takes us back to whatever era or trend it likes and even the holy-grail of clothing; Denim is not exempted. We’re wearing Mom Jeans now for milk’s sakes!
We think our parents are not really cool but here we are wearing their style in all its high-waisted and bold nuances. Imagine. Are high platform shoes coming back (again) soon? Will we be doing black brows again? (I hope not). The continuous evolution and what it could potentially bring is such a fun part of our sartorial lives, isn’t it?
Now I think I’ve settled into my likes as far as style goes and my preferred cut with jeans is the slightly-loose skinny (aside from these boyfriend jeans). Then the mom jeans came back.
I like it. I wait, watch, contemplate, conceptualize and style it in my mind.
I think it’ll look good on me and I need such a piece in my closet, because not every time skinny jeans.
I purchased it. I wore it. I’m right, I love it!
Here it is -
With Mom jeans, they are best left to make a style statement, I believe.
So think of simple tops, fitted close around the torso to accentuate the mid region and give you a shape.
It’s a loose cut from the hips down so the wrong top or blouse will add bulk to the body frame. Unless you want to look like an uncool mom, it’s best to style it with some light, close-fitted top that will allow the jeans to be a focal point of your outfit.

Another point to note is the length. The most popular length for the mom jeans is the ankle-crop.
For this reason, the styling is even more important. Your midriff is a key area to hold in as this create an ‘allowance’ for the length to be cropped without making you look straight and stumpy.

The cropped length can work with some neutral footwear like a pair of sneakers as I did here or with some heels. Nothing too delicate in my opinion but wear what works for your body frame and legs.

By the way, these might look a lot like the boyfriend jeans and I’ve heard it being mistaken for the mom jeans but they’re quite very different.
The boyfriend jeans is very relaxed and slouchy from top to bottom while the mom jeans are higher waisted and fits much tighter around the waist and hips. I wore the boyfriend jeans some posts back, see it here. You see the difference in fit? Yeah.

Also, with the mom jeans, the back pockets are a little larger and longer, making your derriere look that way; longer and somewhat bigger.

I had to take mine in at the waist as I almost always do with most of my pants but it’s really my new fave jeans guys. I love it so much I even got it in another lighter wash.

What do you think? Are you liking the mom jeans or nah?

Peace & Happiness to you!

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