Taking Stock: 14. Minimalism & I.

So my maman and sister came to visit me recently. 
My sister came in from out of town so I was super happy as it’d been a while since we’ve all been together like that. I knew there’d be gisting and laughter and planning, with a huge side of nagging from dear mother so I was ready.

This nagging, as usual, ranged from ‘ehen ebe a ka ebe ahu ibi bu mma’ [this apartment is better than where you were staying before] to my singleness. I mean it’s bad enough that I’m not married and my younger sister married before me but that I’m not even in a relationship AT ALL?!!!
*Insert high-pitched distressed barrage of prayers of deliverance for me, said in rhythmic Owerri dialect, with an igbo accent*.

I, as usual, laughed, rolled my eyes and made conciliatory but non-committal gestures and responses, secure in the knowledge that she’ll go back home in a short while and I’ll have my peace again soon enough.
One key part of the drama and the point of this Taking Stock post, was my maman’s perplexed inquiry about the minimalism of my lifestyle.
She asked: Where are the rest of your clothes, shoes and bags? Are these all you own/wear? Why haven’t you bought a sofa? Should I help you buy one small freezer? I know one importer near our house in Alaba who’ll sell it for a low price. What are all these plants doing in your house? There’s nothing someone will not see with you, etc, etc x 100, etc.

I’ve subconsciously always leaned to the simple and minimalist side all my life but it hadn’t been this intentional and clear before now, hence my mother asking this recently. 
Most people don't understand or relate to minimalism as a lifestyle, a mindset, so I got that if I tried to explain that having a lot of stuff literally gives my anxiety and the worst headaches, It'd be pointless.

I keep only one piece of most items and only replace them when they go bad because it’s easier, more peaceful, not to mention cheaper for me.

I hardly have to think for a few minutes to figure out my wardrobe for the week. I literally select and iron my work clothes for the entire week in less than thirty minutes. In the mornings, I practically sleep-dress because I am usually barely awake but I still end up neat and decent. I can’t imagine frantically searching for which shade of purple would go best for a particular trouser in the morning!

I love that my room is sparse and uncluttered. I’d go crazy if I had to maintain nine pairs of flats shoes for work. With one or two pairs, I only have to spend five minutes polishing it on the weekend and two minutes dusting it each morning.

As for electronics, if I had so much, I’d have to pay more for NEPA, deal with electricians and technicians to fix them when they go bad, look for space to keep them, worry about security. My heart is beating fast as I write this, it’s that bad.

My friends have different weaves both new and used while I keep only one or two at a time and discard/replace as I wear. Why? Do you know how much those things cost?! Do I look rich to you? Who will help me wash and condition them? Where will I keep them? How many heads do I have? Why do I need to buy one 12 inch weave and another 16 inch one? Can’t I buy the 16 inch one, wear it for a while and then cut it to 12 inches? So much headache.

I may seem crazy now but I’d have been in the mad house by now for sure if i didn't live this way.

The minimalism life chose me and I chose the minimalism life.

Outside of this, I feel:
Relieved: that I’m living exactly as I please, on my own terms. That I won’t be explaining this to anyone. At least not in detail and not in defense.

Thankful: for my family. Pops is recovering and my mother is well, so she has the strength to nag me. I’m expecting my first niece or nephew (yaaaaayyyyyy) and my sister is well and healthy, thanks to God.

Craving: Jollof rice and fried-in-pepper-sauce chicken so bad. It’s been on my mind for days now.

Drinking: zobo these days. One woman close to my office makes such good ones. It’s usually fresh, not too sweet and with enough ginger to pack a punch. She keeps them very chilled or even frozen, so I enjoy it every other day during lunch.

Enjoying: making some small change on the side. At least, I’m able to splurge on correct soups stews.. #foodieunited .

Planning: to get back into the gym and whipping myself back into shape. I’m so unfit now it’s ridiculous.

Reading: through my goals for the year. I must say I’m not pleased with my progress, compared to last year and what I had planned for this year. Let’s see what happens with the rest of the year. I pray I do better.

Wanting: to take a photography and retouching course from one of the good photographers we have here. Either Anny Robert, Prince Meyson or Emmanuel Oyeleke. I love their work. 
Krish Photos and Orinary are not in Nigeria but i loooove their work too.

Saving: for a zoom lens. I only have a 50mm but i realize that i need a zoom lens. Yoo! Nikon lenses are hella expensive my gawd. I'm even thinking of switching to Canon because their lenses are significantly cheaper. *sigh*. 
Does anyone have or know anyone with a used Nikkor zoom lens that they want to sell/give out? Please help a sister.

This is it for now. Hope you guys are well and thriving. 

Peace & Happiness to you.

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