Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24h Foundation.

So I changed foundations from the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation that I had reviewed and said to be good, to this Maybelline Super Stay 24h foundation, for no reason in particular other than plain boredom.

In fact, I usually get bored of foundations by the time I’m half way through the bottle.
Plus, as a half-decent beauty blogger, I truly believe that I should be open minded in trying out new products and brands, in order to gain first-hand experience about said products and of course, share my little recommendations and reviews, hoping that it can be of help to someone who is considering getting the product but needs some sort of testimonial.
Also, I really enjoy doing this and since I don’t receive any of these products for free (yet) and I am buying them with my money, why not spread out and explore new stuff every time I go shopping? Right?
Anyhoo, about this Maybelline Super Stay 24h flawless wear foundation, I got it from the Maybelline stand at the Ikeja City Mall in Alausa, Ikeja. They have a pop-up stand there where they showcase and sell a wide range of products from their brand.
You should check them out if you find yourself in that area.
I was torn between the Dream Mousse and this one but as i have used the Dream Mousse before and not this one, i decided to give it a shot.
They are in the same price range of N4,000 to N5,000 anyway so i was ok with my choice.
Bare face (sorry if my mug scares you...)
With foundation
I got it in the shade 64/Chestnut and as you can see it's a true match for my complexion as well as undertone.
I must say that the Maybelline people know their onions as far as foundations and powders for the wide spectrum of skin tones and skin types go. They practically have something for almost everyone. It's impressive.
This particular foundation is supposed to go on flawless, last for 24 hours, be breathable, non-transferring, have SPF 19 which is great and with a matte finish, so i judged it based on these criteria.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have another winner on our hands. My face here has just the foundation without any setting powder so it indeed has a matte finish, even though it is a little runny straight from the bottle, but it makes sense if you consider that the formula needs to light enough to pass through the pump easily.. so it's okay.
The pump is one huge advantage that this Super Stay 24h has over the Fit Me. The product is better protected from the elements, so there's a reduced risk of contamination and oxidation, unlike with the Fit Me that is open. Dispensing the product is very easy with the pump. Just a little press and the foundation comes out in small amounts. No excess stress for your fingers, no excess product coming out per pump.

Flawless: 8/10 (It goes on great and smooth. I'm just biased and comparing it to the Fit Me which has a little more 'flawlessness' for me).
Long lasting: 8/10 (it lasts through my work day but looks worn at the end. I don't wear it beyond eleven hours anyway, so i wouldn't know if it lasts for the claimed 24 hours).
Breathable: 10/10 (no caking here).
Non transferring: 3/10 (it stains my tissue paper and handkie when i blot during the day..).
Matte finish: 8/10 (it's very decently matte without any dryness or flaking but it's no match for the Dream Mousse, which is understandable, as they are different product made with different formulations).
Overall experience: 7/10.

Have you used this foundtion before? what was your experience with it? 
If there are any cool products that you recommend or suggest that i try and review, list them below in the comments please. x.

Peace & Happiness to you.

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