Taking Stock 13.

And year 2017 is half gone!

A lot has happened in recent times guys. So much. This Taking Stock is me practically forcing myself to pause and introspect, because it's important to take occasional meaningful pauses in this fast moving train called life.

Here goes - 
Feeling: accomplished because I finally moved into a new apartment. I still have some anxiety about my other goals that were supposed to have been ticked-off by now. So much more to be done. Thankful for a great breakthrough at work this month, I’d been on this task for months and I finally recorded success! yelelelelelel!! 
Thankful for healing. My father had a health issue earlier this month and it was contained and is currently being managed. I'm just very thankful more than anything else now.

Eating: bread after about a week. And rice too. I didn’t skip them on purpose, it just happened. My waistline has been happy but my brain’s been going crazy. Fixing this now. 
Also, with the move and stress, I’ve been eating very poorly. I plan to do better in the coming weeks and months.

Getting into: Plants and home décor. I mean I’ve always loved home décor but house plants are a new obsession. I actually now have three: An aloe vera, a peace lily and a snake plant. I’ve been doing tonnes and tonnes of research on how to care for them and of course, use them for decorations. I can’t wait to see how they do. Fingers crossed.

Following: a bunch of Hijabi beauties on Instagram. Some people are just so beautiful in this world god! 
@basma_k , @feeeya@nabilahkariem @sabinahannan @dinatokio and so many others. Those ladies are definitely among the most stylish people i've seen in this life. 
Actually, i think i follow a lot of awesome people on my Instagram, check out my handle @skynotfancy and follow me please.. *bobs eyebrows*

Watching: the Battleground & Jemeji series on Africa Magic nowadays. I’m getting on the train a little after the start (as usual) but if you like TV, check out these shows daily on Africa Magic showcase on DSTV channel 151, they’re really good. Another thing I’m watching now is Iron Rose on Telemundo. Lawd this drama. Ugh.
Are there any other series I should check out? Please put me on.

Struggling: with stagnancy and the worst case of inconsistency with my blog and social media. *sigh*. Jesus be an inspiration.

Wearing: my makeup differently these days. I changed up my eyebrow shape and I’ve started wearing a lot of clear lip-glosses, with the exception of my vampy-plum L.A Colors Liquid Lipstick. My face looks a little different and I like it. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Looking: forward to finishing with the arrangement and decoration of my house. I CANNOT WAIT. My Pinterest app is crying for a break at this point.

Needing: some new clothes. And new shoes. And a new scent. And some makeup. I hate spending money on anything other than food, so for me to be thinking of buying new stuff, you know it’s serious. 
Also, I think injecting some new stuff into my life will help re-inspire me to create. Don’t worry, I’m still a believer in minimalism, I have done a lot of cutting-down in the past months and with the move, so I have space in my life for some new stuff. I need tarty billion for the akant i ohhhh..🎶🎶

Thinking: of a lot of things right now, at the same time. Love, tattoos (I know I said I was stopping after the last time but…), money, travelling, goals, my family, work, so many things. 
My mind is a tangled, chaotic place right now and it’s exhausting.

Hoping: for timely resolutions of the issues in my mind.

Have yourself the best weekend ever.

Peace and happiness to you!

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