Review: Nicka.K Volume & Extension Mascara.

Hey guys!
I'm back with yet another product review and today, it's the Nicka.K Volume & Extension Mascara.
If you know me at all, you'll know that i love a well-lined eye and in my experience, nothing emphasizes your eyes better than well applied liner, topped with the appropriate, kick-ass mascara.
In fact, lined eyes without mascara seems incomplete for some reason. Like donuts without sugar sprinkled on it. Or like wearing lace aso-ebi without Gele.. it's just somehow.
Now i have been using the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara for years but once in a while i like to try other brands. Which leads me to this Nicka.K Volume & Extension Mascara.
I got it like three weeks ago, after spending hours researching and talking with a couple of cosmetics sellers in Balogun market.
I hadn't tried this product before and since I've been disappointed with many other mascaras that I've tried in the past, other than the Mary Kay Ultimate, I was skeptical.
The store had four different 'styles'/functions of this mascara range, so i chose this volume & extension one because it's what my lashes need.
Left: Without mascara || Right: With Mascara 
Left: Without mascara || Right: With Mascara 

My review-
This mascara comes in a colorful tube that is not exactly the prettiest but with cosmetics, it’s better to have a great product in a less-than-impressive container than the other way around.
The wand is slim and nice with full, tiny-spaced, flexible bristles that curve into your lash curl perfectly, coating your lashes with a good amount of mascara with every stroke, leaving you with properly defined lashes and good extension and volume. Nothing worse that big wands with huge, stiff bristles that can't get into the curves of your lashes.
The tip of the wand is not the pointiest, but a proficient mascara user like me can use it on the outer and lower lashes without staining the under-eye.
The formulation is great with a very rich color pay-off and great coverage, so that you get good, thick coating with very few strokes.
The only con to this product is that it doesn’t dry fast. You have to wait up to five minutes upwards for it to dry completely. I’ve had cases where my fingers or powder brushes come in contact with my lashes soon after applying this mascara and have gotten smudged and stained.
Other than this, it’s a great mascara that has become my second best after the Mary Kay Ultimate.

Volumizing: 7/10
Extension: 7/10
Overall experience: 8/10

I got the mascara from a cosmetics shop in Balogun market for N2,000 which is a steal for the quality of this level.

Just like I mentioned in my last product review, I’m in the mood to try new brands and products so if you have any faves or you happen to own/manage a brand that you want me to try, especially in makeup and skincare, share them in the comment section and/or email me (skynotfancy@gmail.com), pretty please...

Peace & happiness to you.

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