Makeup: Champagne-Vamp.

Hi guys!
Remember this L.A Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color that i reviewed in my last post? I knew it was going to be a favorite of mine and i was right!
While i'm still on the look-out for my dream red lipstick, this is my go-to 'glam' lip color for occasions when i want more punch to my makeup.
The vampy-plum shade and richness of this color is very bold and flattering that it can very well stand alone in case you wish to keep the rest of the face simple.
For this look, i paired it with a champagne-colored. satin eye-shadow and tonnes of highlighter.
Easy, flattering and glamorous is what i call it.
This last photo looks like one serious studio portrait abi? I like it 😊

Peace & Happiness to you.

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