Outfit: Boyfriend Jeans & Cold Shoulders.

Hey guys!
Jeans are life, basically. 
Skinny, Mom, Boyfriend, Boot-cut, Ripped, Straight-cut, dark wash, light wash, whatever the cut, style or wash, I’m in.
Not only are jeans easy to wear and maintain, they are the most versatile type of clothing ever, the styling options are endless, even for the odd boxy Boyfriend jeans like the one I’m featuring today.
Now on a good day, a not-too-tight skinny jeans in a dark wash is my steez (except for this retro style bell-bottom ones), but sometimes, the tomboy in me loves to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans. 
If not for anything else, the relaxed fit gives you room to breathe and move, and they make the perfect edgy piece to add to your denim collection.
In this post, I’m wearing my one and only pair that I got from Mr. Price like two years ago (how have I not photographed it since???), styled with simple sandals and my DIY cold-shoulder t.shirt (see how I made it here).
The look is simple but edgy while showing some effort and making a casual style statement, know what I mean? 
 Also, even though thicker babes like us are advised to stay away from boxy cuts, I think with denim, you can get away with it, as opposed to other materials like polyester or heavy linens.
The trick is to think 'loose fit', not over-sized. The darker washes might also be a good idea if your derriere (remember I said 'Derriere' is my favorite word for the bum? Lol) and thighs are fuller.
I also advise that you keep the top as simple as possible, especially if your boyfriend jeans has some distress, which is why I went for a white t.shirt here.
Sometimes, I wear this jeans with simple black t.shirts and tanks to help streamline my upper body.
But who cares? Wear what you want hunnayy *in Nene’s voice*
What type of jeans do you like?
Peace & happiness to you.

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