MakeUp: Nude Sultry Brown.

Nude makeup has always been a go-o, favourite of mine since i started wearing makeup, you can even see the influence across a lot of  the looks that i've done here, like this one.
This particular look is a notch ‘nuder’ than normal though. It was heavily influenced by other amazing folks whose work I’ve been following; Tiyana Robinson & Mali Magic  for the makeup, Julia Kuzmenko and Krish for the photography/editing.
Now i am no way near the shadow of these people’s skill, of course, but that’s the entire point of inspiration, isn’t it? You see people who have mastered something you want to master and you try to do better and master the thing…
With this look, I went with a lighter-brown on my brows and smoked-out my eye-liner with a black eye-shadow, wrapping it up with strong contour & highlight and glossy lips. I felt odd without my usual cat-eyes but this smoked-out option is intense and sultry, so yeah.
Maybelline FitMe Foundation| LA Girl Pro Concealer| Black Opal Finishing Powder | Kudi Cosmetics HD Powder| Makeup Revolution 'Medium c04' Contour & Highlight Kit
Black Opal 'Sand' , '282' Eye-shadow| Zaron Cosmetics 'Defining Brow' powder (to line)| Random liquid liner| Mark Kay 'Ultimate' mascara| LA Girl '24 Brown' lip liner (on brows)
LA Girl '24 Brown' lip pencil| CoverGirl '976' Cream Lipstick

PS: Peep my short hair-style again. It's just so easy to wear when my hair is out, lol.

Peace & Happiness

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