Taking Stock: 10.

Warning: Long post. Please bear with me.
It’s two days to my birthday and I am having the craziest mix of feelings about it all.
On my birthday wishlist post, I had mentioned how i usually feel excited at the beginning of November, what follows is that i plateau somewhere mid-month and finally plunge into the sub-zones by the birthday itself till month-end. This is generally the pattern.
But in the spirit of hope and counting blessings, let me take stock and see where I’m at. 
Making: plans for December. I have weddings to attend in the east so i’m stressing over the trip (and expenses).

Eating: ripe-but-still-strong pawpaw a lot these days. Been eating this every other day for a little over a month now, which is weird because I don’t remember ever being crazy-in-love with pawpaw before. Hmn.

Drinking: Bournvita right now. My current office is close to a Cadbury factory so every morning i perceive the glorious smell of chocolate as I come into work and so I decided to have Bournvita sometime last week. Now it’s every other day. I hadn’t had it since my childhood days and boy is it delicious! The Bournvita brand was quite strong here in Nigeria back in the day, but they slept on their marketing and Milo took over.
Lesson: Don’t take your brand building/marketing for granted. Also, don’t arrogantly assume that you have arrived so you don’t have to keep working hard to keep what you have. Success is a continuous process.

Reading: nothing right now but I am looking for a good crime novel to get into. New titles are so scarce in Lagos these days. Ugh. If anyone knows how to help me get Lee Child’s The Wanted and Second Son, please holla. I promise to give you my Christmas chicken…

Wanting: a rose-gold watch. I went nuts when I saw this Fossil one. It’s even on my wishlist. Somebody, anybody…

Looking: forward to my birthday on Saturday!

Enjoying: the This is It web series on YouTube! I am a huge TV person and somehow this show slipped by me. I remember seeing the ads on Bella Naija a few times but for some reason I never paid attention. In fact, I am now looking at other web series to follow. Apparently lots of good dramas and short films are on YouTube and it makes me a little sad to see so much talent being under-exposed due to lack of opportunities and support. Many content on the web are way more interesting than what we have on the television and the big screen right now. Shame.

Playing: Travis Green’s Made a Way. First song through my earphones on my way to work, through my day breaks and on my way back. On repeat.

Smelling: some chemical from a paint industry close by. Which reminds me that I need to buy some fragrances for myself and my apartment. One more thing to spend money on. Shoot me.

Noticing: some light fog in the mornings, signaling that harmattan might be here soon, yay! It’s my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. 🙌

Thinking: about money, also about things I want to accomplish for the next year/age. If I’m taking away one lesson from this year, it is that with some courage, intentional work and a dash of God’s favor, I can actually achieve a great deal, even if it seems impossible along the way. I might as well shoot for the stars next year.

Feeling: grateful for life. For my family, my parents are alive and healthy, my sister is doing great and is even about to marry. For my friends, they are very few but I appreciate them to no ends. For my health because I was sick something serious at the beginning and mid part of the year but I am here and I am strong.
For Ebony Olajide on Facebook. A total stranger who saw my wish-list and gifted me with a brand new 32GB memory card for my camera, which I am using now. May he find help and favor from any and everywhere all the days of his life. I won’t forget his kindness.
Also, I won a  N4000 gift voucher from KacheeTee's giveaway to shop from TwentySix.co! I was super-duper happy about this because i can now buy my 'Christmas cloth' without worries, and normally, i NEVER win anything. God is good!

Hoping: that I get in better spirits by my birthday this weekend. And that I get another thing off my wishlist!
Lastly, shout-out to Rachel who is a lovely photographer  babe I met recently. She took these photos of me and I love them! Guys, she is also a yoga and fitness aficionado with the sickest body to prove it. Check her out @rachelola and @rachelolaphotography on IG.

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