Out & About: GT Bank Fashion Weekend 2016.

How was your weekend, good? Mine was mostly good as i was able to go to the market and also attend the last day of the GT Bank Fashion Weekend that held in Victoria Island, Lagos.
I was not able to go on Saturday but i made it yesterday and it was great!
The event was put together by GT Bank to promote local enterprises, so it was a great opportunity for Nigerian based businesses to showcase their products, sell, network with other brands, customers, celebrities and the media.
Well organised, fully-packed and totally fun are what the event was yesterday and on Saturday too from what i hear.
I also saw a good  number of celebrities, bloggers and fashion folks like Cassie Daves, Akin Faminu, Zainab Balogun, Chi Gurl, Sisi Yemmie and many more. So it was good people watching.
AND THE FASHION! See, Lagos people have to be one of the most fashionable people in the world,  i tell you. They may be over-the-top some times, but there's nothing more buzzing than seeing Lagos people out in full social setting, in their fashion best. We are extra and i love it!
Unfortunately, for some reason, i  didn't do a lot of street style photographing, but i got decent photos of the happenings inside. Take a look-
GT_Bank_Fashion_Weekend_2016 GT_Bank_Fashion_Weekend_2016
These are just some of the brands that participated. 
Outside the main hall, there was a crafts village where they sold cool Adire fabrics, on-the-spot tailoring, straw hats, etc. and a food court that had ColdStone Creamery, small-chops vendors and other food people.
In front of the food court was a large picnic/family area for chilling and eating. Cool stuff.
I was at the event for like less than two hours, but it was time well spent. I enjoyed it.
Have a great week guys, may all out efforts meet success. x.

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