Outfit: Off-The-Shoulders Stripes.

Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
So… I know, I should go get an official LASTMA badge, because I must be the last person on earth to start wearing the oh-so-wonderful off-the-shoulders style style.
In my defense, I have really broad shoulders, so wide necklines are not usually my friend, as they generally make my upper chest area seem extra wide, Like a 10-lane express way. So I’ve just loved these off-the-shoulders items from a distance.
Then the strangest thing happened. I bought this fabric at Balogun market because I wanted some small stripped shift blouse and thought the fabric will do. I go to the tailor’s place and start to scroll through my phone’s massive screen shot folder to show her the style I want (Guys, who else has like one billion screen shot photos on their phone?! Mine is ridiculous!), and I happened upon a photo by the lovely Geneva of A Pair & A Spare. She’s one of my faves and she has some amazing off-the-shoulder pieces that she’s either bought or sewn featured on her blog, so I just knew I was going to go for it, mile-wide shoulders notwithstanding.
Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
Fast forward. When I wore the top, my shoulders, for some reason, didn’t seem so obscenely wide! Mind = blown. Huh.
Was it all in my head all this time? I think not, because I constantly have to struggle when buying shirts due to my shoulder-to-waist ratio. So what happened?
Or is this one of those things we do where we exaggerate problems in our heads and things feel worse in our minds than they actually are? Maybe that’s what it is.
Maybe we should all learn to see our ‘issues’ exactly as they are, or not as bad as we feel about them. Sometimes, it’s actually all in your head (Deep. SNF Psychology 909)
Anyway, I paired the top with my trusty black jeans (that have suffered in my hands) and a pair of strappy sandals. Easy, breezy.
Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
Thanks Nse for the photos!
That’s it folks. Do you love the off-shoulder style as well?

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