Taking Stock: 08.

                                                                      Photo via Unsplash
Making: plans, plans and more plans, for the end of the year and next year.
Cooking: nothing at the moment. Let me rest from dishes, remember i mentioned how much i hate washing them in my last Taking Stock post .
Eating: guavas right now. Long time, no eat!
Reading: the book of Esther. I saw it on Kachee's blog yesterday , so i went re-reading. Great story!
Wanting: some good jollof rice and goat meat. Not any other meat, goat meat.
Looking: forward to the holiday season.
Deciding: about career paths and to not regret anything about my life journey so far.
Wishingit'll stop raining. At least for today. Enough.
Enjoying: my new phone, even though i had to change my mind from the one i wanted. I don't change my mind that much.
Waiting: for November, my birth month yippee! 
Consideringthe idea of probably definitely getting my second and last (for real, LAST) ink..still.
Hopingthat i follow-through with the budgeting and savings plans i've made for the next months.
Marveling: at the genius level creativity i see on Instagram. Follow me @skynotfancy pleassseeee.
Needing: to travel a little before the year ends. and that 50mm lens too.
Smelling: the rain and the guavas that i have in my handbag.
Wearing: mostly all black again #almostsignature,
FollowingAkwaeke Emezi . @azemezi on Instagram. Such an inspiration.
Thinking: about food. I need to pig out soon but who will cook for me???
Admiring: nothing in particular. 
Giggling: at nothing. nope. 
Feeling: slightly apprehensive about delivering on my new job. It's been a few days and i'm praying for an early breakthrough.
Thanking: God for life, everyday, always.


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