Taking Stock: 07.

Photo via Unsplash
Finding cool photos such as this one makes me ridiculously happy and inspired.
Remember i mentioned wanting to better my photography skills  earlier, so i'm OD'ing on all things photography right now, websites, equipment, apps, people, etc.
For this Taking Stock proper, i am:
Making(or trying to make) efforts to be more patient with things and to sleep better.
Cooking: more and more these days, which is okay except that i HATE washing the dishes that go with it. Ugh.
Eating: plantain chips right now. It's been a while since i've had these. 
Reading: nothing at the moment. Everything bores me now.
Wanting: a 50mm lens, still.
Looking: forward to next year actually. The last part of this year is looking really stressful for me and i want to skip into next year already.
Deciding: on purchasing a new phone. I need one badly, but this economy is not for children.
Wishing: for relative wealth real soon. Lots of things to do with money.
Enjoying: Sia's songs. That girl is good!
Waiting: for the weekend to come. I have plans.
Hopingthat i succeed in a new career phase i'm starting soon. I pray God goes before me, Amen.
Marveling: at how fast this year is going by! It was 'Happy New Year' some seconds ago *smh*.
Cringing: at my row of belly fat. I just can't..
Needing: new clothes in my life. Epp!
Questioning: Nothing. I crave peace of mind above all else now.
Smelling: a yummy mens' fragrance. When you hug up on some mannn *bobs eyebrows*.
Wearing: my new favorite/only black pumps. schweg..
FollowingJust Patience on IG and her blog again. She's one of the bloggers i first discovered and followed years ago. She left for a while and is now back. She's one of the best guys.
Thinking: about my finances, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.
Admiring: the new Infinix Hot S phone. It's a nice little gadget.
Coveting: Lisa Folawiyo's and Yagazie Emezie's confidence and free spirit.
Giggling: at nothing.
Feeling: a little beautiful right now. It's amazing what a little appreciation can do to a person.
Snacking: on bananas and groundnuts. 
Thanking: God for life always, and for a special blessing he gave me recently. For the few friends i have in my life, they take me and i am grateful.

P.S: My offer of free photography + editing for bloggers is still open. Email me!

Peace and happiness to you. x.

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