SNF Best Eight (8) Instagram Accounts To Follow.

I AM OBSESSED with Instagram, no shame. I spend uncountable hours on that app, just od'ing on the millions of great photos and carefully created content about things like style, beauty, food, humor, travel, etc. 
If it looks good, inspires me and/or make me laugh, i'm right there!
Of the over-200 accounts i follow (it's small i know), a few of them never fail to hit me hard with their creative punches and beauty.
Ladies and gentlemen, without any ado and in no particular order, here are my current favourites - 
Because she seems like a self-aware and self-possessed person. Plus she's hot and has the best hair, travels and takes the coolest photos!

She's a new discovery of mine. So neat and creative. Her skin is heaven too!
The most stylish man in Nigeria as far as i'm concerned. Enough said.
4) Amrezy
Do i need to say anything here? Some of my friends wonder why i love her, but knowing that perfection is not something we come by naturally or commonly, i'm in awe of people who can create it. Amrezy creates perfection, plus i loooooove her name; Amra Olevic (try calling it in a low sulty sexy husky voice and see what i mean) so yeah.
 5) Femme Blk
This girl is my minimalism goals. I can't deal. Love love love.
I'm reading about themed Instagram feeds and Ms. Phan's rainbow-themed feed is an absolute dream. Again, perfection.

I also live for funny accounts on social media and a few of them are crazy hilarious including numbers 7 and 8 -
Claudia Oshry is the epitome of sass and sheer wit. Plus she's killing the game and growing her brand in leaps. Kudos.
You might not get a lot of their jokes if you are not Nigerian, but they crack me up every time.

Honorable mention: Cassiedaves , Nikkieandtees , Travel Noire , Lisafolawiyo , and a host of many others. 
That's it for now. I discover new cool accounts everyday, so i'll have to update this list at a later date.

Which accounts do y'all follow? Let me know in the comments so that i can check them out.


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