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Hey guys, just a quick post here.
I LOVE photography. I'm far from good at it, but i am ready and very willing to learn and improve my skills.
As i don't have tons of money to fork over for a formal training, i have been going at it from the route of reading, researching and practicing on my own.
Fashion, beauty, and travel photography are some of the areas that interest me, so i have started practicing on my colleagues, friends (yes, i'm quite the Instagram Husband to people around me) and a couple of bloggers Nse and Cassie Daves.
I also shoot and edit all of my beauty posts here.
Now i am looking to shoot any style/beauty bloggers who might be interested, FREE OF CHARGE. Yes, free.
I am based in Lagos mainland, but anywhere in Lagos is okay. I have a full-time job, so it has to be on weekends and public holidays only.
I will also be editing the photos, so you'll get finished work.
Here are some of my photos so far (Please don't laugh oh, I've already said i am pre-amateur..)

Nse -
White & Blue 1
White & Blue 2
Cassie -

Damola (who is also my Photoshop teacher, sharaut to him) -
So please e-mail me at skynotfancy@gmail.com and let's take some photos! x.

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