Outfit: Flare Bottom Jeans.

 Hey hey hey..
I have been looking for jeans in this flare/bell/full bottom cut for ages, but have never had luck in getting a pair that fits right. Not too tight around the thighs/knees and proportionally balanced around the full bottom.
But miracles of all miracles, i happened upon this one in a random shop around my area. I was going to my novel seller, but i just had to buy it on the spot, unlike me, i know..
It's such a stand-out piece that it often doesn't need too much of styling. You just have to let it snatch your waist, hug your bottom and slay all your enemies.
On bottoms, i know that mine are on the large side, BUT HOLY SCHMOLLY, these pants 'showcases' the things like nothing else I've ever worn.
So if you are one to hide your curves, stay uh-way from them.
 Then we saw some nice flowers close-by and went snapping..
I've never been a flower person, but there is something about their natural colors and beauty that is calming and kind of inspiring. They re-affirm to me that life's not all bad, and that there is a God that has his hands firmly in our existence, therefore i am not alone and i should have hope.. (Deep).
Again, shout-out to Nse for the photos \o/. They are so pretty, and Nse was hysterically happy about this particular shot, i don't know what happened to her lol.


  1. Nice pictures. Flared bottoms are cool. Dunno why I dont own a pair.

    Graffiti Meets Fashion

    1. Hi Grace, thank you for stopping by!
      The pants are super cool and flattering too.


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