Makeup: Matte Brown Eyes.

Hey guys.
I realized that i hadn't done a makeup post for a minute and decided to remedy that ASAP.
This brown eyed look is my new fave thing for when i want to add some sultriness to my day face.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer (Highlight)
Black Opal Finishing powder
Makeup Revolution & Sleek Studios highlight & contour kits
Jordana bronzer
The light dabbing of glitter on the middle of my lids and gallons of bronzer/highlighter adds the glam factor.. Love it.
Jordana Eye-shadow Primer
Black Opal Color Rich Eyeshadow in 'Port 08'
Black Opal Blush in 'Peachtree 08'
Random black liquid liner
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
CoverGirl Nude Lipstick in '976'
Jordana Lipstick in 'Sea Pearl'

And i have braids again, yipee!


  1. Love the natural look


  2. Hi,

    I love this look, it's subtle like a fresh-faced but made-up face. I don't wear eyeshadow because of my "chinese" eyes, colour barely shows when my eyes are open as my lid fold is small.

    Lol... I currently have braids in the same colour mix as yours

    1. Lol @ 'Chinese eyes'...
      Yay to mix-colored braids! except for big box braids, i can't stand plain single colored hair. so boring.

      Nedu, it makes me ridiculously happy to see your comments here. Thank you so much for reading :)


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