The Small Chop: My Hair Cut Story.

So, I cut my hair.
Not the 'big chop' as most natural-hair converts do, but a chop all the same.
Like most other things in my life, i have been thinking about it for a while, i have read, meditated and researched everything from the cut style, products to use on short hair, what color options i had if i wished to change it, how the cut will affect my clothes and makeup, my emotions, what options i have in case i get bored of the look, will i keep it short for a while or grow it out immediately after, and a million other things.
I'm like that. I over-analyse everything.
But once i'm done analyzing, it takes me 2 seconds to go for it. Because i want to. No explanations to anyone. No announcements.

Now it's not i think my hair is any big deal. As a matter of fact i HATE when people go on and on about their natural hair this, African culture that, your-hair-is-your-identity crap, and all the bandwagon-chanting that unfortunately came along with the re-birth of the natural hair movement among my fellow sisters.
Like, chill, it really isn't that deep. And nobody really cares. Whatevs..

Since i cut the hair, the reactions have been varying and mostly entertaining, with the expected mean insensitivity here and there.
"Oh why did you cut your hair??!"
"You look much younger!"
"I love your new hair!"
"You look uglier!" (yes, truly, someone said this to me. lol)
"You look like a man!" (Really? With these breastesses?)
"So you'll be wearing wigs now, right?" (eye-roll)
"Are you leaving it natural or are you going to relax it?"
etc. etc.
No, i was tired of my hair, my scalp was hurting a lot, i suffer headaches a lot, i was bored of long hair, i was tired of our dear hairdressers in Lagos, i am in a somewhat darker space emotionally, and i generally don't really give a rat's ass.
It's just hair. It's my hair, and funny enough, I LOVE IT SHORT!

Moral of the story- Do what you want to do, for yourself, to make yourself comfortable and happy, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, damn peoples' opinions. hehehe
That's the end of my story.

And by the way, Happy Valentine's day to those of you celebrating. Good luck!


  1. I enjoyed reading this. I like how you mentally prepared yourself for your small chop. :-)

    People always have something to say, but as long as you are happy with your choices, that's all that counts.

    The comments you received reminded me of the comments I got when I threaded my hair. Amusing to say the least.

    Do you!

    1. Girl, i just over-think things, it's crazy lol. The reactions and my reaction to them taught me a really great lesson.

      Thanks so much for reading. I'm going through your blog right now. Cheers.

  2. Hmm....dose comments are just silly! I was worried about them initially and eventually got over it.The koko is you did wat you wanted and you are cool with it! Shikena!


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