Style Basic: The White T.Shirt.

                             Photography by Tosin
Hey hey hey..
Miracles of all miracles, i found a blog photog! *cue hallelujah chorus*
After looking for someone who can take decent photos for my style posts without asking for my kidneys as cost for AGES, i met a very wonderful young lady, starting out in professional photography, great attitude, great talent, and so yay to more outfit posts!. (hey Tosin !)
Anyway, black and white are my top favorite colours and the white tee is a basic for me as it is minimalist, easy and very versatile. Love.
Here i styled it in two casual ways-
Look 1: I added a blue denim shirt, some metal bracelets, a print purse, a pop of color with the shoes and statement necklace (above).

Look 2- With some jeans, minimal sandals and a shoulder bag.
Simple, comfortable and stylish!

Oh the 'SKYNOTFANCY' on the right side of the photos is my new brand that i will be transitioning to from next month. More to come on that..


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