Makeup Review: Isabelle Dupont Dream Finish Matte Mouse Foundation.

Some weeks ago, while in the market for some work assignment, I came across this gem of a foundation, which I bought after the usual enjoyable-but-exhausting banter with the sales woman, meant to convince me that said product is the best thing since Cold Stone ice-cream and that I HAD TO HAVE IT! You know how that goes...
I got the foundation in the shade MF09.
As with every unfamiliar brand, i went aGoogling. I found very little, but let’s proceed.
What the brand says-
 "L.C. IsabelleDupont Dream Finish Matte Mousse Foundation formula is based on a mechanic synergy between a silicon elastomer and a blend of hi-tech powders: perfectly spherical, with oil absorber activity, inert, they bind the product in a running movement. Thanks to these raw materials which work as filler, it reduces lines and wrinkles look. It‘s creamy body allow an easy application and an homogeneous skin result with a beautiful coverage that doesn't dry or clog the skin. It looks and feels very smooth and matte. Its make-up offers excellent coverage for an even looking skin tone. The treated pigments ensure long wear properties during the day and enriching its outstanding touch."
My review-
THE BEST FOUNDATION EVER, as far as light-to-medium coverage ones go.
Oil-blocking, skin-smoothing, matte-finish, long-lasting, all check.
I usually have to blot and re-powder my face every 2 to 3 hours or so, as my face is basically an oil-producing region. Woe is me, except for the consolation from that thing they say about how oily skin ages slower than dry skin, so woe is NOT me.
Guys, with this foundation, I went a good 6 HOURS without any touch-ups, I only had to blot some shine off my nose with a tissue much later in the day, and the foundation stayed put all day long.
I set it with a loose powder, of course, but you could wear it without powder if you have normal-to-dry skin.
See how it looks-
Wait, sorry my skin is not the best, so bear with me and its scarred discolored glory and just take a quick look :)
Application is best by hand, I tried a foundation brush and the spread was funny, and i imagine a sponge/beauty-blender is only going to absorb the thing, it’ll be a waste. It’s a mousse formula, after all.
Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to directly anyone to where I got it from, the store is that obscure, but check the internet, or ask friends and family who live in the US, you might get it.
OR, maybe, I can help try and procure it for anyone who is interested. Just leave a comment with your email address, and we’ll see what happens.

Application/Formula- 5/5
Matte finish- 5/5
Smoothing Coverage- 3/5
Staying power- 5/5

Has anyone used this foundation? share your experience!


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