Zaron Cosmetics Lip Pencils: Swatches & Reviews.

Hi guys!
So today is all about a little gem of a makeup line that loads of folks might have been sleeping on- Zaron Cosmetics.
I got a couple of their lip pencils from one of their distributors last year and has since added some other shades from here and there, plus their black velvet eyeliner pencil, face primer and gel liner, so i have quite the extended experience with their products and i can say they are an A!
Anyway, these lip pencils are soft, applies very easily on the lips, creamy with a somewhat matte finish, sufficiently pigmented so you can wear them as liners before applying your lipstick, or alone.
Here are some of the colors i own-

 Red Vines: A pure blue-based red color.
 Stallion: A deep wine color.
  Prune Juice: A mauve-y purple color.
Fussy Fushia: A bright barbie-pink
I also have the Cappuccino (a light brown) and Black Velvet eyeliner (both not pictured).
All the ones i own, apart from the Stallion, have been used to pathetic-looking stubs, hence no photos of them..wouldn't want to traumatize you guys :)
If you haven't already tried these Zaron lip pencils, you are missing. Jump on them right now!
They can be purchased at any Zaron outlet near you or via their website and other makeup outlets, for about N700 to N850. Affordable right?

Keep Walking, Frenchie!

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