Style: On The Fringes.

My memory is almost-permanently hazy and selective, but i clearly remember feeling very intrigued when fashion designer Ituen Basi released her 'break-out' collection that featured fringes in their Ankara glory some years ago and I've been hooked on the 70's trend ever since.
Now the fringes are on their way back (after a brief stint in the summer of 2014 and earlier this year) and since i am yet to get around to taking outfit photos (rolls eyes), i made a set on my Polyvore and also pulled some inspiration off the inter-mother-net on how to wear this fun, flirty-yet-edgy trend..
Shall we?
On The Fringes.
1- A black party dress like this is all you need, really. Add some minimal heels, some nice lipstick and voila!
2- A pair of drop-earrings with fringes will definitely turn heads, yours (as you wouldn't able to resist flipping your head from side to side. At least, i wouldn't) and every other person's, plus it's a subtle nod to the trend, if the dress idea is too much fringe for you.
3- A purse with fringes? Why not.

4- Aimee Song's Fringe + Lace ensemble? Heaven! Like, i'm most definitely copying this outfit. It's genius.

5- A fringed mini. Feminine, sexy, also provides some fun 'coverage', you know, to cover more of your legs if you want.

6- A sorta' conservative approach to the trend. Nobody ever said you had to look boring to meetings. Or church.

7- With classics like a button-down shirt, T-shirt or jacket. Easy, chic, etc.

8- Eva Chen's casual take on the trend is topped ONLY by her bob. and maybe a cup of Coldstone Chocolate-Baileys ice-cream.
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9- If you are going to rock the retro trend, you might as well go the whole mile with some wide-legged pants. Boogie-woogie.

10- Accessories. Add edgy and cool points to your outfit with some fringed wrist-candy.
All images sourced via Google.

How would you wear the fringe?

P.S- I've been going through dark days, so now more than ever, i value laughter and clarity-of-mind. So guys, be kind, make someone happy, no matter how little a gesture. It helps.

Keep Walking, Frenchie!

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