2015 Birthday/Holiday Wish List, If You Love Me...

I envy all of you who get gifts during your birthdays and holidays and just-because moments.
Like, how does it feel? 
Do y'all give happy cries and high squeals when you are presented with a nicely-wrapped perfume or shoe-boxes or bank credit alerts?
According to Instagram, some of you even get Louboutin shoes! and diamond jewelry! and all-expenses paid trips to Dubai, London, Paris, etc! and get engaged!? What?? 
I hate all of you, because.. 
I hardly ever get gifts for anything. OK, i remember one pair of slippers some 10 years ago, and oh, a close friend gave me a bottle of perfume after he came back from overs', out of the bunch he got for other people, so yeah.
But like every self-torturing? hopeful human, i wish i could get gifted with stuff every now and then. 
It has to be gifted, otherwise, it might not mean as much, at least that's what people who get gifts say, the rats, and i am known to be reluctant to purchase stuff generally (no, i am not laudably frugal, i'm just broke-with-high-anxiety-about-lack-of-money), so i might not go through with buying these things, even if i were given the chance.
Anyway, it's my birthday next week..*pauses, clashes cymbals repeatedly* and the holidays are coming, so here's me putting out my wishes to the universe, hoping that this time, a miracle happens.
Now the list, in no particular order of importance-
1) My family's health and happiness. I mean this. Half of my life's worries would be over if my family and friends are all healthy and happy.
2) Money. Truck-loads of it. Like, I'm so over not being rich. Ugh. There are things to do, places to travel to, and things to buy for goodness sake!!
Speaking of things to buy...

3) Nude/Gold minimal-ish high-heeled sandals. These perfect creation are Valentino.. I need.

4) White-ish/Metallic-ish minimal-ish sandals. If i had these Tom Ford Silver & Gold Padlock pair, i would carry it on my head everywhere, 'cos my feet ain't worthaayy.
5) The Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lenses. This would make my entire year! please God, please!
6) Flat simple sandals to please me.

7) White sneakers for those smart days. I'm aghast that i don't already own a pair.

8) These Chanel espadrilles. The leather, the mesh, any type at all, i'm not (that) picky.

9) I've gone a whole year without carrying standard/big totes, and while smaller bags are great for my new Minimalist lifestyle  and my shoulders, i miss having classic structured bags like this. I want back in.

10) A simple black leather watch. I've not had these in a long while. This black/white/rose-gold piece here is a dream. I Love.

11) The Huawei P7 or P8. They are such sleek phones and mine is crying for help as it is, so gimme!

12) Dermalogica Medi-bac skin care range. The battle between me and face acne. I tried this once at a spa, and the sample sizes alone did so much good and I've been wanting to get the full range, but austerity is the enemy of good skin, so HELP!.

Etc, Etc, Etc..

From my blog, to God's ears, sent down through some special people's hands, to me. Amen.

Keep Walking, Frenchie!

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