New Philosophy: Minimalist Style, Easy Life.

We live and learn. This is one fact that i find myself reflecting over more-and-more these days. 
Living easier is now a life philosophy for me, a soft approach to minimalism, and this is now gradually reflecting in most areas of my life including my home decor (or no-decor, to be very honest, but i recently shed an ENORMOUS amount of unnecessary stuff from my home & closet, that counts, right? lol), social life, style etc. 
I'll talk about this later as i go.
For now, i put together a set on my Polyvore showing my 'new' minimal style-
Minimalist Style
1. All-white outfit.
2. Black skinny ankle-cuff jeans
3. Plaid shirt
4. Plain black wrist-watch
5. Nude minimal heel
6. Structured cross-body mini bag

Minimal style/life doesn't have to be boring, even if it's not your thing, a few ideas from the philosophy can inspire you.  
My DubioShirley's Wardrobe and TCOH are some cool pages to check out for style.
Have yourselves a great weekend guys. 
I intend to have my apartment re-painted and further 'minimal-ized', so... in case you guys don't hear from me again, just know that i love you guys, and that the painter, the paint and i went to war, and i lost. 
Kidding :)
I'm actually excited, nothing like newly-painted white walls to make me happy.
That is, after food. and money.

Keep Walking, Frenchie!

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