Style: Minimalist Monochrome Casual Outfit.

Happy new year! I sincerely hope you (who reads this) are doing just great so far into the new year. Over here I'm kicking things off with a post featuring a favorite style of mine - minimalist monochrome. 

Monochromatic meets minimalism meets comfort meets my style, that what this outfit is.

A pair of white sneakers was added, not only because it has become my favorite footwear since I received it as a birthday gift last year (Thanks again Dudu!), but it’s quite the coolest most versatile pair of footwear ever, second only to a pair of skinny-heeled black sandals. 
They pair nicely with almost anything, and make for the best minimal compliment to the relaxed all-black outfit.

Dressing in monochromatic colors have been a favorite style hack of mine for the longest time and it’s never failed. Not only is it easy to put together, it does wonders to the lines of the body, and looks stylish and put together.

With monochromatic dressing, practically any color works. You can wear the same shade all through, or pair different shades of the same color. Black and white like I’ve done here is probably the easiest as they’re both neutral albeit opposite shades. Easy and stylish.

Pants – Mango
Sneakers – Jumia
Top - Gifted and DIY'd to the shown cropped length.

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