Beauty: How I Get Smooth, Beautiful Underarms | Shaving routine & DIY exfoliating scrub.

I recently tried waxing for the first time, sugar waxing or Halawa waxing specifically but other than that, I've been a shaving person all my life. I have in fact more or less perfected a way to shave and get consistently great results every time, so I made a detailed video on my YouTube channel showing how I shave and care for my underarms, keeping them smooth, even and relatively clear. See it here.

More details are in the video but  a few main tips to bear in mind are -

1. The razor/shaving stick you use matters. In my experience, single-blade razors are friendlier on the skin that the double-blade ones.

2. Prep your armpit/underarm hair with some conditioner, to help soften the hair for shaving, and also give your skin some slip and protection. You don't want to 'injure' and scratch your skin skin. That causes darkening and bumps.

3. Shave gently.

4. Exfoliate with a mild scrub. I use a simple DIY honey-sugar scrub.

5. Use a mild deodorant. The Nivea Pearl & Beauty roll-on deo is my preferred choice.

Go watch the video, leave me a comment and subscribe too!.

Are you team shaving, waxing and laser?

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