New hair who dis??? 

So thanks to the DMX challenge on/from TikTok last year, it became clear to me that my hairstyle range is non-existent and that I have to do more than the basic bare minimum that I usually do with my hair (and my whole image if we’re being honest).

And it’s sad because I actually love hair styling, beauty, fashion all of it, apart from the fact that I’m actually trained and have quite decent abilities in these areas. I’ve just somehow become lazy with everything!

Braids are generally my go-to hairstyle but I've been wanting something different but still very flattering and very importantly, safe for my relaxed hair that I’ve decided to grow out (for now 😊). So I decided to 'take it back' to good ole' weaving. 

This style is most popular for high school teenagers, or used to keep hair tucked in under wigs for those who wear them, but I had mine done super neat and in this particular technique, so it looks cooler since I intend to wear it out as is.

These particular cornrows are called Didi or Didi-elegbe here in Nigeria. It's a classic hairstyle that was formed and populated by the Yoruba people and my goodness am I obsessed with how they came out! Simple, neat and so stylish.
It was quick to do, not tight or painful per my strict instructions, cost way less than ‘bigger’ hairstyles, great for our hot weather here, easy to maintain and suits me so well, if I do say so myself.

(see my transition from natural to relaxed hair here)

I love the style so much it totally inspired this entire self-portrait shoot. Bold makeup featuring dark-lined red lipstick, full feathered brows and winged defined eyes were my choice to add some high-fashion/editorial vibe to the hair. The black suit, sunglasses and minimal jewelry too.

Fingers crossed that this means that I’m making my way back to dressing up my hair and outfits again!

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Didi Hairstyle & Minimal Styling.

I recently tried waxing for the first time, sugar waxing or Halawa waxing specifically but other than that, I've been a shaving person all my life. I have in fact more or less perfected a way to shave and get consistently great results every time, so I made a detailed video on my YouTube channel showing how I shave and care for my underarms, keeping them smooth, even and relatively clear. See it here.

More details are in the video but  a few main tips to bear in mind are -

1. The razor/shaving stick you use matters. In my experience, single-blade razors are friendlier on the skin that the double-blade ones.

2. Prep your armpit/underarm hair with some conditioner, to help soften the hair for shaving, and also give your skin some slip and protection. You don't want to 'injure' and scratch your skin skin. That causes darkening and bumps.

3. Shave gently.

4. Exfoliate with a mild scrub. I use a simple DIY honey-sugar scrub.

5. Use a mild deodorant. The Nivea Pearl & Beauty roll-on deo is my preferred choice.

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Are you team shaving, waxing and laser?


Beauty: How I Get Smooth, Beautiful Underarms | Shaving routine & DIY exfoliating scrub.

Happy new year! I sincerely hope you (who reads this) are doing just great so far into the new year. Over here I'm kicking things off with a post featuring a favorite style of mine - minimalist monochrome. 

Monochromatic meets minimalism meets comfort meets my style, that what this outfit is.

A pair of white sneakers was added, not only because it has become my favorite footwear since I received it as a birthday gift last year (Thanks again Dudu!), but it’s quite the coolest most versatile pair of footwear ever, second only to a pair of skinny-heeled black sandals. 
They pair nicely with almost anything, and make for the best minimal compliment to the relaxed all-black outfit.

Dressing in monochromatic colors have been a favorite style hack of mine for the longest time and it’s never failed. Not only is it easy to put together, it does wonders to the lines of the body, and looks stylish and put together.

With monochromatic dressing, practically any color works. You can wear the same shade all through, or pair different shades of the same color. Black and white like I’ve done here is probably the easiest as they’re both neutral albeit opposite shades. Easy and stylish.

Pants – Mango
Sneakers – Jumia
Top - Gifted and DIY'd to the shown cropped length.

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Style: Minimalist Monochrome Casual Outfit.

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