Trend Alert: Chunky Sandals AKA' Dad Sandals' Are Back!

Fashion is such a funny, ever-evolving (revolving?) thing, which is what makes it fun and relevant, I suppose, because today you loath your parents' wardrobe, tomorrow you’re rocking the ‘ugliest’, chunkiest ‘dad’ sandals ever, not for orthopedic reasons, for fashion.
Because they’re cool again (not the parentals, the sandals).

The cool, minimalist style influencers first started rocking the ‘dad shoes’ again, then Chanel took it up a notch with their beaut of a pair and now here we are, rocking these chunky babies with all sorts of outfits from flowy smocks, jeans, skirts and shorts.

For a more Nigerian context, when I was very young, late primary/early secondary school years or so, we had these foam & velcro sandals named ‘Kito’ that were quite similar to this in style, remember?
The cooler, richer kids wore nicer, more stylish ones but yes, we’ve seen this before.

Truly, in fashion, everything comes back! 😊

I am not one to just buy into trends, because minimalism and mindful consumerism, but this particular shoe trend has got me.
I’ve been got, you guys, because I’ve gone and gotten myself a pair. Yep!

I can’t afford the Chanels (yet), the Prada & Marni are also out of reach, I love this & Other Stories pair but buying & shipping it is long and too costly, Zara is not that accessible from Lagos, Nigeria where I live, I don’t know about the other brands that have this particular style of sandals, so I did the next best thing; head to the open market and found something close enough to compete.

Take a look at what i got 😊.
Not only are these so comfortable, they cost less than N5,000! Talk about staying stylish on a budget.

Now to the styling.
These sandals are the most comfortable thing ever and should you decide to get into it, there are several ways to rock them and still look cooler than your dad (unless your Dad is Pharrell, in which case, good luck trying). 
Flowy maxi dresses, shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, so many ways to wear the trend, whatever your personal style is.

For this post, I’ve 1st styled the sandals with a simple white button-down shirt and a pair of denim shorts (aside: I desperately need to get a pair of high-waisted, loose-fitting shorts cos my thighs are too thick to wear these outside). 
This look was inspired by @wendymakss on Instagram (follow me @skynotfancy too!).
I already have at least two more outfits lined up to wear this with right now: my Kimono dress from Twenty-six & Co., jeans and t-shirt, shorts, a mini skirt,  i'm so excited to put the looks together!
Follow me on Instagram  @skynotfancy to see when and how i wear them.

In the meantime, see these looks for more inspiration -
This is definitely the most exciting fashion come-back in recent times, better than those kitten-heels in my very humble opinion :D but tell me what you think of this trend in the comments. 
Will you be wearing these dad sandals? Are they too 'ugly' for you or not just your cup of tea? Let's chat.

P.S - It's so good to write a blog post again, especially one about fashion and style. 
I have so missed it but according to social media gurus, nobody reads blogs again. 
No matter, we're here.
Thanks for reading!

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