My official 2020 birthday photo. 

I'm having one of those day when you spend the whole time teetering on some weird line of binary thoughts of ‘I’m over it eff this shit’ and ‘hmn I think I feel a shift in my mind, I’ve reached the absolute pits and I want out NOW. Wow hmn’.

I’m not sure what to do with those feelings, so I’m just letting them be, like I do all uncomfortable things, such as wearing wigs and looking decent in them like EVERY OTHER WOMAN apparently can. 
Or the big one; actually earning a living (through legal and dignified means anyway).

Ah, money. After many many years of tears, dreams and hardwork, it still eludes me. This is not about to be a pity-party (though you will feel my pain) but guys, I’ve truly hit rock-bottom and I cannot see a way out from here, le me be honest. But I have to keep faith, right? When will it be over? Will it ever be over?

It was my birthday last Thursday (34th! omgwheredidthetimegoooo) and like a perfectly-socially-conditioned weakling, I fell into the trap of regret and harsh introspection, where the blows of my many failures punched me repeatedly in the gut all day long. And boy are the failures many.

My saving grace was my predetermination to kill myself with obscene amounts of ice-cream cake from ColdStone on said birthday. So I got my cake, enjoyed it along with some delicious Ajoke rice &chicken plus fish from Tastee Fried Chicken with my friends and even got some gifts too, which was quite lovely and I'm thankful.
In order words, I saved my birthday by just pre-deciding what I want and keeping it as non-negotiable. What a concept. Should I try to apply this trick to other areas of my life? E be like.

I’m not an optimistic person at all so this ‘manifesting’ thing will be a struggle but I want and need to save my whole life quickly. Expeditiously.

As for changes, I sincerely just want to do better going forward. Career wise, I have more or less consolidated on the paths I want to settle in asap; media production, particularly photography and film editing, and fashion/beauty business. I have started these journeys already but I just need to start seeing results already, because I’m getting tired!

I'd also like to get a new hobby. I'm yet to decide what it'll be but I know I want it to be fun, easy, mentally stimulating but soothing, and potentially life-changing. 
Tall order right? Hobby >>> therapy.

Also, I’ve been having a strong urge to take content for my own blog here more seriously. Instagram and other social media has not worked out for me, except for my YouTube which is looking up. I’ve even gotten 5k views on one particular video! It’s my 1st hair relaxer video and was quite fun to film (watch it here and SUBSCRIBE while you're there please). 

I just feel like there are probably going to be problems with some of our more popular social media platforms, any day now. The ever crazy algorithms and programing are killing these platforms. New additions like TikTok, Clubhouse, Fleet on Twitter, etc, will also most likely stir some chaos in the coming future.
My goodness I sound like some Tech Crunch/Tech-bro hybrid right now so I’m stopping, sorry. 
In summary, I should blog more here where I have (more) control.

Oddly, I’ve been thinking of also posting some of my photography and film work here, integrating that part of my work with this one.
I had opened a wordpress site for my photography/film work but just never posted anything there, and I have the option of just maintaining my portfolio on a page of this blog. 

Or should I keep it separate and just keep the content here to minimalist style and beauty? 
Do let me know what you think in the comments.

Re: love and relationship, hmn watch this space..😜

That’s it from me guys. I hate that I’ve neglected writing here but I have had the best time writing and reading this not-so-short ‘check-in’ note.

Next we’ll be back to regular programing for style, beauty and minimalism!

Thank you.


Checking in | Current Thoughts.

The last review I did of The Ordinary products here (Read the review here) was about two years ago but this brand has since gone on to become my oily skin's best friend, because not only are their products very effective for me, they're relatively affordable and quite accessible as a lot of skincare retailers here carry it (I don't care for brands/products that i can't easily get when i need them).

In this post, I will be sharing my experience with the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% formula, so please keep reading!

A little skin profile:

My face is oily/combination, acne-prone, with large pores, lots of texture and hyperpigmentation, quite the sandpaper..

Product description -
Pure Niacinamide and 1% Zinc \ A High-strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula that visibly regulates sebum (oil) production, minimizes the appearance of  pores and congestion of the skin.

Review -
So I first used this product earlier this year after having seen lots of positive review on its benefits for oily skin and pores. It worked well but unfortunately i couldn't repurchase it as all the skincare stores here were out of  stock and not restocking due to covid.
Fast forward to last month and i was able to get  my hands on it, albeit at a  higher cost than the N6,000 vicinity that it normally is (for the 30ml size).

It comes in their signature frosted glass bottle with a droplet for easy extraction of the product. The serum itself is clear and light, applies and absorbs easily and has a very mild, almost undetectable smell. If you have any tearing or open scars on your skin though, then you can expect some short sharp stinging that goes away after a few seconds.

This product does exactly as it says and immediately too! Excess oil production is stopped, pores look instantly smaller and way decongested!
I apply it everyday, morning and night as recommended, which leaves my face smoother and more impressively, brighter.
It's literally the most effective product for my skin type and issues (even more than the AHA/BHA peeling solution). 

Pros -

  • Lightweight, alcohol, gluten and silicon free.
  • Instantly minimizes the appearance of pores, congestion & blemishes.
  • Controls excess sebum (oil) production.
  • Affordable compared to other similar brands.
  • Non-irritating and non-drying.

Cons -

  • Apart from the brightening, results are not permanent, so this is to be a regular product in your skincare routine. My pores and congestion return after a couple of days of not using the product.

That's about it. My experience with this Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% has been positive and it's definitely earned a permanent place in my heart and skin care regimen, so if you have similar skin type or issues as i do, consider trying it out.

If you have tried this product, what was your experience with it? let's chat in the comments!


Review: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%.

 Jeans are in the top 2 of favorite type of clothing that I love to wear (only second to a white button-down shirt) but it’s usually quite the challenge getting a pair that fits my curvy body properly, while being of a great quality.

Apart from Levi's and J Brand, who i think make the most awesome jeans, the better quality jeans are usually found in Vintage/thrift shops and markets, based on my experience. 

New jeans from our open/mass markets here (Lagos) just have too much elastin, bad color washes and weird cuts, which might fit okay at first but those jeans are often not durable and begin to slacken and lose form after a few washes. 

'Cheap' but neither classy nor sustainable.

As a curvy person, you want jeans that are flexible but with structure.

[In a subsequent post, I’ll be going in-depth about jeans and what qualities to look out for when buying them, such as fabric mixes, cut & style, etc.].

Anyway, I wanted & needed a new pair of jeans, one that is high-waisted, classic blue wash, a little loose-fitting, straight cut and almost floor-length. I used to be a skinny jeans gal but recently I’ve become more into the vintage-y, straight cut fit.

I knew I wouldn’t easily get that cut and fit in the open markets here in Lagos and buying from abroad like on Asos or Fashionova was not also a viable option, so I thrifted a pair.

The color, fabric and sizing/measurements of the jeans I got were close to perfect, except for some gaping and the too-long length.

I went ahead to do a little D.I.Y to take-in the gaping at the waist and also take up the hem a little bit.

To see the whole process of how I did this, watch the video on my YouTube channel here (please SUBSCRIBE too).

Now, I’ve styled it here for a simple casual classic look, with a plain white long-sleeve top, clear heels to add even more height and some minimal gold accessories. 

This is such a classic outfit that works every time and for a reason! Simple enough for anyone to wear, flattering on almost every body type, especially curvy bodies.

These jeans are very comfortable, fits my body and curves perfectly, I couldn’t be more satisfied.

So if you have a curvy body like me and you don’t have access to proper denim brands, try looking into thrifting and a little D.I.Ying!



Style: High-Waisted Thrifted Jeans For Curves.

Fashion is such a funny, ever-evolving (revolving?) thing, which is what makes it fun and relevant, I suppose, because today you loath your parents' wardrobe, tomorrow you’re rocking the ‘ugliest’, chunkiest ‘dad’ sandals ever, not for orthopedic reasons, for fashion.
Because they’re cool again (not the parentals, the sandals).

The cool, minimalist style influencers first started rocking the ‘dad shoes’ again, then Chanel took it up a notch with their beaut of a pair and now here we are, rocking these chunky babies with all sorts of outfits from flowy smocks, jeans, skirts and shorts.

For a more Nigerian context, when I was very young, late primary/early secondary school years or so, we had these foam & velcro sandals named ‘Kito’ that were quite similar to this in style, remember?
The cooler, richer kids wore nicer, more stylish ones but yes, we’ve seen this before.

Truly, in fashion, everything comes back! 😊

I am not one to just buy into trends, because minimalism and mindful consumerism, but this particular shoe trend has got me.
I’ve been got, you guys, because I’ve gone and gotten myself a pair. Yep!

I can’t afford the Chanels (yet), the Prada & Marni are also out of reach, I love this & Other Stories pair but buying & shipping it is long and too costly, Zara is not that accessible from Lagos, Nigeria where I live, I don’t know about the other brands that have this particular style of sandals, so I did the next best thing; head to the open market and found something close enough to compete.

Take a look at what i got 😊.
Not only are these so comfortable, they cost less than N5,000! Talk about staying stylish on a budget.

Now to the styling.
These sandals are the most comfortable thing ever and should you decide to get into it, there are several ways to rock them and still look cooler than your dad (unless your Dad is Pharrell, in which case, good luck trying). 
Flowy maxi dresses, shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, so many ways to wear the trend, whatever your personal style is.

For this post, I’ve 1st styled the sandals with a simple white button-down shirt and a pair of denim shorts (aside: I desperately need to get a pair of high-waisted, loose-fitting shorts cos my thighs are too thick to wear these outside). 
This look was inspired by @wendymakss on Instagram (follow me @skynotfancy too!).
I already have at least two more outfits lined up to wear this with right now: my Kimono dress from Twenty-six & Co., jeans and t-shirt, shorts, a mini skirt,  i'm so excited to put the looks together!
Follow me on Instagram  @skynotfancy to see when and how i wear them.

In the meantime, see these looks for more inspiration -
This is definitely the most exciting fashion come-back in recent times, better than those kitten-heels in my very humble opinion :D but tell me what you think of this trend in the comments. 
Will you be wearing these dad sandals? Are they too 'ugly' for you or not just your cup of tea? Let's chat.

P.S - It's so good to write a blog post again, especially one about fashion and style. 
I have so missed it but according to social media gurus, nobody reads blogs again. 
No matter, we're here.
Thanks for reading!


Trend Alert: Chunky Sandals AKA' Dad Sandals' Are Back!

The term 'New normal' is being brandied about so much these days and I can't help but wonder what it will actually mean for our day to day existence.
'Serious' aspects such as business and healthcare aside, social behaviors and customs also have to be re-thought and new norms adapted, apparently. 
Style and beauty, particularly, makeup, will not be spared.

Some days ago, I was going to run some errands and decided to make some effort with my appearance (because not everyday crazy hobo-chique), only to find myself struggling with wearing makeup behind my face mask.
Face masks are uncomfortable to wear on their own, now add the layer of makeup and then add our brutally hot weather here in Lagos these days, my face was a melting mess within minutes!

I decided to forgo makeup that day but I kept thinking about the problem.
Does this mean that we can't wear makeup (out) anymore? Is this another part of our lives to give up? What happens to our makeup stash; are we to throw everything away or just watch it expire?
Then as a makeup business owner myself, I wondered what this would mean for my company and for many others in my market segment.

I know makeup may seem like a small, silly thing to worry about right now but as long as we're alive, looking and feeling good will always be a need. One that ironically needs to be met now that we're all having a hard time. Anything to make one feel good these days is needed, right?

Anyway, as it stands, nobody has definite answers for Covid19, so i just figured that adjustment is what we'd need to navigate this so-called new normal.
No need for any drastic like giving up makeup indefinitely.

Enter my Face Mask Makeup look/technique.
This look is basically lightly-applied makeup focusing mainly on the eyes and a little on the parts of the face that is visible through a mask, like your forehead and temples.
So through my mask, I look like I have a full face of makeup on but I don't. The parts covered by the mask are only primed and lightly powdered which leaves it, as well as the mask, free and clean.
I just posted a full tutorial of the look on my YouTube channel, so head over to watch.
Don't forget to leave me a comment on here and over there, give the video a thumbs-up and also SUBSCRIBE, thanks!

Let's chat, what do you think about makeup in these times? are you wearing any at all or you're ready to throw your entire staff into the ocean?


Face Mask Makeup? Is this the 'New normal'?

Hey guys! Long time, no write. How are you doing?

You know, it’s been a shit-storm around here and it’s all we can do to keep still and wait for COVID-19 to pass.
The pandemic has totally changed life as we know it, forcing us to slow down and adjust. 
We’re now forced to become more health/safety conscious, more reflective and aware of our choices, from food, environmental practices, retail and shopping to government policies, both locally and at a global scale.

One other area of life affected is creativity, especially for content creators like myself. 
I must say that creators worldwide have stepped up commendably with keeping people entertained and inspired in these dark times, while still going through the same feelings as everyone else. Bravo guys!

Social media and the internet in general has been a lifeline for many people, both out of necessity [for news and information] and for pleasure/hope. 
From home/indoor photography, Tiktok challenges, home decor/organisation, Twitter think pieces and even Tinder, because every aspect of our social lives still accessible is precious and we must stay hopeful and inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, beauty and style are a relevant and favorite part of my life, so I finally indulged in one makeup trend that I've been meaning to try out; The minimalist graphic liner.
The photos came out so great it inspired me to write this blog post, after many weeks of writer’s block, that is how powerful it felt.
Now, I’m quite competent with eyeliners, but I was very pleased with my near-precision with the lines, especially for my first try, because this look calls for a steady hand and an understanding of your eye shape, in order to determine the angle and length to draw your liner to. 
No worries if you have to do it a few times to perfect it though, you're indoors now anyway, right?

For this makeup look, one key thing is to keep the rest of the face clean and sculpted, which is why I went pro with my skin-prep and contouring. Can you tell?

It's such a simple and satisfying makeup look, don't you think? Let me know what you think in the comments.

By the way, you should totally follow me on Instagram @skynotfancy. I finally got my account back after so many trials and tribulations, but I’m having to start over, which I’m not very mad about because nothing like a clean slate to build something of your dreams. In this case, it’s a simple, clean, minimalist Instagram page that better reflects who I am.

Also, I have some interesting videos on my YouTube channel, so also check it out and kindly subscribe too! [channel name is also SkyNotFancy].

Also also, i caved and opened a TikTok. I have one video up already but i'm still not convinced that i have the personality and coolness for that app. We shall see. Follow me in the meantime @skynotfancy.

Phew! This has to be my longest blog post in a long time, if not ever. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Stay safe.


Minimalist Graphic Liner.

The white shirt is THE FOUNDATION of every stylish wardrobe, minimalist or not. Not only is a pure-white button-down shirt universally flattering, it's super easy to style and in several different ways too.
Whether you're a 'go big or go home' dresser or veer towards the conservative side like me, a classic white button-down shirt will serve you well. [See how I've styled it in two ways here].

White shirts/blouses are simple pieces that are helping me continue my transition into a minimalist and neutral aesthetic generally. 
This is a process that i'm enjoying so much and these days, it is becoming a signature look for me, as i find myself reaching for any of my three white shirts whenever i need to dress up.

I wore it here paired into a pair of cropped white-washed jeans and simple clear sandals. 

As far as accessories go, I kept it simple as usual with gold jewelry, my day silver wristwatch and small a black purse.
The other amazing thing about this simple outfit is how easy and clean it makes me look, especially with the dark lipstick which I've found is a quick way to amp up a white or monochromatic look.
On another note, the colour white makes me feel light and peaceful, which are emotions that i crave and value these days. 
Also, it's inspired me to clean-up other areas of my life. So I have started re-doing my bedroom and for partly similar reasons, I'm also restarting my Instagram journey.
More on this later but please follow me @skynotfancy_



Style Basic: The White Shirt.

 Hey guys! Happy new year and welcome back here. We are kicking off with a simple style post featuring this minimalist black and tan outfit.

In case you missed it and in case you are yet to see any of my recent YouTube videos, i am minimalist. I’ve been for a long time now and will be for a very long time to come.
One of the most efficient ways to be minimalist in your style is to decide what colors and cut of outfits best suits your body, personality, lifestyle and general aesthetic.

For me, I’ve come to know that structured, easy and not-too-feminine outfits in neutral shades are my preferred style and aesthetic, so I’ve been enjoying styling myself in that way.
Another key tip in style minimalism is the intentional curating of wardrobe basics like a good pair of well-fitted pants and a comfortable top like this knitted black shirt I got from my last thrift haul (see it here). I have also styled it with my black Mango pants, (see it here) so it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I own right now.

Easy outfits like this are flattering and can be worn by almost anyone.
I am enjoying gradually curating my wardrobe with intentional pieces that suit my personal style, so look out for my wardrobe makeover video:).

What's your personal style? Let me know in the comments!


Style: Minimalist Black & Tan Outfit.

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