Hey guys! It’s been a minute here but i’m back today with a style post ft. one of my oldest and dearest clothing items: this olive green cargo jacket.
As a minimalist, i’m all about simple pieces that is decent quality, can survive long wear and is versatile enough to be paired with various other pieces. This Olive Cargo jacket is at least six or seven years old, can’t remember for sure but it’s still holding up well.
Also, cargo jackets are easy pieces that give you layering options and of course, coverage , without trying too hard. They are like the chiller sister to denim or suit jackets.

I styled it here in a classic casual way, pairing with black skinny jeans (NO, I FINALLY GOT A NEW PAIR, DON'T WORRY J), a cropped white tank and my simple black heels. I added the gold accessories to compliment the olive color, as well as the gold(ish) zipper on the jacket.

Sidenote – I seem to have suddenly found love for crop tops, which is odd, because mans getting old, plus, my belly and waist are not cute at the moment /anymore so i should be camouflaging them, right? hahahaha neverrrr!

Anyway, I’ll be styling this jacket in another outfit soon, so stay tuned for that.

What is the oldest clothing item you own and how long have you had it? Share in the comments!


Olive Green Cargo Jacket.

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