Makeup: Pink ft. Zaron Cosmetics Fussy Fushia Lip Pencil.

Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing well. If you’ve following me here for a while (and on Instagram too!) you’d know how much  i love the Zaron Cosmetics brand and stan hard for their products, especially the color products like the lip pencils, eye-shadows, and such.
Verdict is still out on their foundations and concealers. 

As of now, i own about nine Zaron lip pencils and one eye liner, and i’m still collecting. These pencils are so worth every affordable penny they are worth – N1,100.
They come in wide variety of colours, well pigmented, soft, easy- to-apply and versatile, as they are rich enough to be used on both the lips as well as eyes. 

Now of all the colors i have in my collection, the one that gets the least amount of use is the ‘Fussy Fushia’ shade. Pink is not a fave color of mine, even though looking at these photos, they look so good!
I used the pink pencil as an overall lip color and popped it along my bottom lash line to tie the look together.  This is an easy, understated way to wear bright colors if you’re team no-bright-colors like me.
A little tip about wearing bright colors like this pink is to keep the rest of the face as clean as possible, to avoid looking clownish.
This is a Nigerian brand and their products are available online via their website, as well as in Zaron Cosmetics outlets and other makeup retailers.

See you in my next post!

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