Hello guys and happy holidays! I hope you are happy and celebrating already. I am not but my makeup sure is 😁

I created this minimalist holiday  makeup look, featuring the requisite glitter and red lips, but in a simple wearable and achievable way.
I used a glitter eyeliner instead of dealing with tons of gritty glitter, glue and messiness.
The red lips are a fave of mine, if you know me, so i was happy to indulge.
This are happy times, so let your makeup reflect  it, whether you're out and about to some party, event, dinner, etc. or you're firmly deposited on the couch like me.

I'll be posting an alternative makeup look for the season next. Stay tuned!

Watch the full video tutorial via my Youtube channel.



Minimalist holiday makeup.

Hey babes, it’s my birthday today whoop whoop!

I don’t have much to say other than thanks.
To God, my family, friends and other well-wishers.

No, I’m not celebrating, not even with a shower (yet. I’ll get to that later J), I’m just sitting at home, chilling, working and sleeping, as usual.
Anyway, that’s the post.

P.S. – I’ll still be collecting gifts even after today, so see my 2019 wish-list and gift me something, ok?


Birthday 2019.

Hello babes, today's post is all about black, monochrome style.
Now my fashions have be a little uninspired for the most part of the year and i got distracted from my visions of a perfectly curated, minimalist, effortlessly, clean, chic and neutral wardrobe, thanks to my renewed passion for real FA-SHUNs, 2018-2019 being the era of designer frenzy, all two seasons of fashion weeks worldwide including Lagos and everything online really.

In the spirit of being intentional and minimalist, i have started re-studying my style and wardrobe, to see what i think and feel now and then i will gradually rebuild my wardrobe, which is an exciting project that I am looking forward to.

One major constant in my style has been the all-black ensemble.
Sleek, easy-to-wear, universally flattering and clean, black outfits are the very foundation of my sartorial heart and i can’t get enough. Whether worn together with another color or alone in a monochromatic look, black just works.

I wore my thrifted black knit top, paired with these high-waisted Mango pants that have become my one go-to pants, and clear sandals. The camel hat was an unplanned piece that I thought of last minute and borrowed from my friend, but it still worked out beautifully. The power of neutrals.
Monochromatic style is easy to pull-off by almost anyone and very flattering too, as it helps streamline the body silhouette and renders you in a single, continuous stylish column. I look practically 7-feet tall in this 😃
In case black is not your color, you can apply the same concept to other colors, rocking a single shade from head to toe or pairing different shades of the same color.

That’s my case for black monochromatic outfits. 


P.S, ICYMI, i posted my birthday wishlist for this year, go here to take a look.


Black Monochrome Style.

Hey guys, it's about to be Novemberrrrrrr!!
My sweet November, my favorite month in the entire year and most importantly, the month of my birthday yay!
I am so hyped about this season, and not just because of my birthday, but because i generally feel my best around this time of year, for as long as i can remember. 
The good spirits usually stay on till the holidays so I'm super happy because to be honest, it's been a shitty year and i need the break, okay?

Now, except for last year when i was away at the Next Titan competition, i usually put up a birthday wishlist, partly for fun and partly in hopes that God will bless me with the items through some generous soul(s).
Putting these wishlists together is very fun and gratifying for me because i am challenged to think about what i want, without the handicap of worrying about the cost or how to acquire the items, like i would if this were a list of 'goals', you know what i mean? 
Also, i have had some items i'd put up before be gifted to me by some friends and even a total stranger one time, which was mind-blowing for me. So who knows, i just might get some of my wishes granted this year too.

Anyway, i'm here with my 2019 Birthday Wishlist, feel free to gift me any or all of the items on this list and God will bless you, amen? amen!

For neatness sake, I've grouped the items into three categories and added direct links to stores that carry them:

These items are on a NEED basis, as my camera is super old and currently in need of a major repair (again), so i really just need a new camera to work please.

1. Nikon D750 or the much more affordable Nikon D5500.
2. Class 10, 32GB or bigger Sansdisk SD card.
3. Oriamo neck bluetooth earpiece.

4. Zara black block heels Black high heel sandals or these Black heels from Zara or these Zara quilted heels. My size is UK7/US8/EU40.
5. River island high-waisted black jeans - Black high-waisted jeans (not pictured).
6. Gold & black watch: From Daniel Wellington or this Micserah one.

7. Gucci Intense Oud, YSL Black Opium & Mugler Alien Oud Majestueux ( I am liking the idea of crisp, spicy and powerful scents and i've studied these ones. I want!).
8. Gift cards/Vouchers from our local spas and beauty retailers - Beauty Frenzy , Essenza or Allure Beauty.
I want 'cards' for N20,000 and N50,000 to buy the skin care and makeup items i want. My skin is also in dire need of a chemical peel or micro-dermabration session, so i want one or both of those at any of the top med-spas here in Lagos (either B-natural or Skye Aesthetics).
The list is long and i thought this is a neater way to do it.
9. THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT OF ALL - Money, Money, Money & more money. Any amount, all amounts, nothing is too small. I can send you my account details in a second.

That's it babes, a very short and reasonable list, if i do say so myself lol.
My birthday is on the 26th of November, but i start collecting gifts from the 1st of November till the end of the month, so please start bringing them in 😃



2019 Birthday Wishlist.

Hello everyone! Welcome (back) to my blog!

Today’s post is a quick dark-plum makeup tutorial, in case you need some inspiration for the fall season, for people who have that.
In case you missed it and as i mentioned in the YouTube video, I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria, and we don’t have the four seasons that the west do, nevertheless, the fun part of makeup is experimenting and plying with various colors and inspirations.
So fall season or no, you can create and rock this simple, minimal, dark-plum makeup look. 
I used very few products, as usual.
Key Products-

You can see the full steps in my YouTube video
Go watch, leave me a comment, thumbs-up and SUBSCRIBE too!
Please also follow me on Instagram @skynotfancy, i will appreciate it.



Fall-inspired | Dark plum Makeup.

Hello everyone! We are talking classic fashion pieces today, specifically, the white, button-down shirt.
After the skinny black jeans, the plain white, button-down shirt is arguably the second most-important piece of clothing to have in your closet.

As a minimalist, i’m a big believer in curating your wardrobe intentionally and with my personal style in mind, so every single piece I own is comfortable, suits my body & lifestyle and is 100% flattering on me. This white shirt is one of such pieces.  
This particular piece is made of linen fabric and is in a slightly-loose cut , which is my personal preference and i actually find it the most flattering cuts for shirt.

Classic, universally flattering no matter your style, size or even complexion, easy to wear and super versatile, the white shirt can work with all kinds of outfits, for various occasions including work, parties, editorials, church, dates and even weddings, yes.

I styled my white button-down shirt  two ways in this post; work style and casual style.

For work, i styled it with a pair of gingham pants that were one of my favorites when i was in corporate, along with a pair of black pumps and a complimentary gray tote bag. Classic all around.
I popped on some power-red lipstick and simple silver accessories to tie-up the look.

For the casual look, i wore it with my blue mom-jeans, paired it nude clear-heeled sandals and a tiny leather purse. 
My beloved Chanel scarf added a stylish, French touch to the outfit, and minimalist gold accessories tied it all up!
 A white button-down shirt can do so much more and i can’t wait to show you in my future posts.
So if you don’t have a white-button down shirt in your closet yet, get one now!


Style: White Button-down Shirt | Two-way Styling.

 Hello everyone, hope you are doing great? It's been dry over here, so i decided to play with some color via makeup, as usual :)
Purple makeup seems to have become a fave of mine (after red lips and black eyeliner), and i find i very flattering. Not boring, great on dark skin tones and fun!

I recently bought the La Posh eyeshadow pallete from a local Nigerian brand called Blossom Makeup and it has really stunning colors so doing this look was a breeze. I cannot wait to explore the palette further!

                                                   La Posh Eyeshadow Palette

Now to the look. I paired the bold, colourful eyes with simple nude lips done with the Zaron Cosmetics 'Cappucino' lip pencil and a nude gloss from another Local Nigerian brand; Mi-ni Beauty (@mi.ni_beauty on Instagram).

What do you think? 

A full tutorial is on my YouTube channel here, go watch to see how i achieved this look. Don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe!


Makeup: Purple Smokey Halo Eyes.

Hey guys! It’s been a minute here but i’m back today with a style post ft. one of my oldest and dearest clothing items: this olive green cargo jacket.
As a minimalist, i’m all about simple pieces that is decent quality, can survive long wear and is versatile enough to be paired with various other pieces. This Olive Cargo jacket is at least six or seven years old, can’t remember for sure but it’s still holding up well.
Also, cargo jackets are easy pieces that give you layering options and of course, coverage , without trying too hard. They are like the chiller sister to denim or suit jackets.

I styled it here in a classic casual way, pairing with black skinny jeans (NO, I FINALLY GOT A NEW PAIR, DON'T WORRY J), a cropped white tank and my simple black heels. I added the gold accessories to compliment the olive color, as well as the gold(ish) zipper on the jacket.

Sidenote – I seem to have suddenly found love for crop tops, which is odd, because mans getting old, plus, my belly and waist are not cute at the moment /anymore so i should be camouflaging them, right? hahahaha neverrrr!

Anyway, I’ll be styling this jacket in another outfit soon, so stay tuned for that.

What is the oldest clothing item you own and how long have you had it? Share in the comments!


Olive Green Cargo Jacket.

 Hello guys! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend?
I'm just chilling and taking care of myself, especially my skin, which has gone though a lot in these recent weeks.
One way i tackle my skin is with clay masks. Bentonite clay masks, specifically.

Bentonite clay is known to be very effective in caring for oily skin, especially for clearing out and tightening large pores, which is my biggest skin issue.
When activated with other ingredients such as water or apple cider vinegar, it bonds together and act as a magnet/sponge to draw out toxins and excess sebum that clog pores.

This particular clay is known to also help balance out excess oil on the skin, with drying out or irritating the skin.

Now to my D.I.Y face mask.
I put some bentonite clay, with about one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of water, all in a small plastic container, mixing it into a paste with a plastic stick or spatula.
Then i apply the mixed clay all over my face, making sure to cover all the spots that i have very large pores and acne.
I leave on the mask for about 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.
I immediately follow this up with some toner and moisturizer.
Very simple to make, leaving the skin calm and soothed, with reduced oil levels and smaller pore sizes.

I use this mask about one to two times a week and it has helped my pores and skin texture significantly.

You can watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel
Thanks for reading guys. Have you tried this mask? Please share your experience in the comments!


Skin Care: D.I.Y Bentonite Clay Face mask For Oily Skin.

Hello everyone! So my current mental mood aboard and color crush of the moment is cobalt blue. Not any other shade of blue, cobalt.
This rich blue shade reminiscent of the blue Moroccan city of Chechaouen, is so stunning and bold and since i’m not about to go change my wardrobe to cobalt, i did the next best thing, wear it on my face!
Enter, cobalt blue eyeliner.
The inspiration
I created this simple, editorial-but-still-wearable, minimal makeup look, keeping my face neutral and leaving the eyes to pop with the cobalt eyeliner. I also found that orange and cobalt is such a stunning combination, so i made sure to base my eyelids with some matte orange eye-shadow to help the blue stand out more.
Simple looks like these are such a gem, almost anyone can do it and pull it off. Just do a clean base, pop some bright-colored liner on your eyes and voila.

Also, in case you are afraid of eye-shadows or your makeup application skills are not yet 100%, this is a cool, easy way to incorporate fun colors into your makeup looks without the Instagram-level face beat.

I hope you like this look, see you in my next post!


Makeup: Cobalt Blue Eyeliner.

Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing well. If you’ve following me here for a while (and on Instagram too!) you’d know how much  i love the Zaron Cosmetics brand and stan hard for their products, especially the color products like the lip pencils, eye-shadows, and such.
Verdict is still out on their foundations and concealers. 

As of now, i own about nine Zaron lip pencils and one eye liner, and i’m still collecting. These pencils are so worth every affordable penny they are worth – N1,100.
They come in wide variety of colours, well pigmented, soft, easy- to-apply and versatile, as they are rich enough to be used on both the lips as well as eyes. 

Now of all the colors i have in my collection, the one that gets the least amount of use is the ‘Fussy Fushia’ shade. Pink is not a fave color of mine, even though looking at these photos, they look so good!
I used the pink pencil as an overall lip color and popped it along my bottom lash line to tie the look together.  This is an easy, understated way to wear bright colors if you’re team no-bright-colors like me.
A little tip about wearing bright colors like this pink is to keep the rest of the face as clean as possible, to avoid looking clownish.
This is a Nigerian brand and their products are available online via their website, as well as in Zaron Cosmetics outlets and other makeup retailers.

See you in my next post!


Makeup: Pink ft. Zaron Cosmetics Fussy Fushia Lip Pencil.

Hello everyone and happy new year! It’s so weird to be writing that, because i have actually been well and active over my social media (Instagram and YouTube. Please follow me/subscribe) and IRL but this is my first post here for this year, so, happy new  year!
I plan to do more style posts than beauty for 2019 because it was the other way around last year and i have been pouring through my stash of fashion magazines and looking at the current Spring 2019 collections been shown now (did you see the Spring'19 Balmain Couture Collection? It’s sublime), I’m definitely re-inspired to give more attention to my other passion apart from beauty; fashion.
 So, this outfit is a simple dress-up on my signature look; black skinny jeans (I’ll buy a new pair this year, i promise. This one is practically crying for help), a t-shirt and simple heels.
The gingham jacket was a hand-me-down from a friend and it made for a nice complement to the simple outfit.
Gingham is one of those classic prints, along with polka dots and stripes. The smaller pattern of this particular jacket makes it understated enough to be classy and a flattering option for fuller figures like mine. If you are a certain size, it’s safer to go for the tinier prints/patterns.
 A red lip and simple accessories completed the look. Simple, minimal and chic, just the way i like it.


Style: Gingham Jacket.

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