Style: Striped 2-Piece.

So stripes are such an essential and versatile print to use in creating dimensions to any plain wardrobe or outfit. They also aid in creating different silhouettes on the body; vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes and lines would help direct or draw the eyes towards or away from certain areas of the wearer’s body, make them seem either slimmer, taller, shorter, etc.
Wearing stripes from top to bottom, such as with this 2-piece outfit here can be a good way to elongate the lines of the body, not to mention how easy separates are when in comes to mixing and matching with other pieces.
Personally, I even prefer stripes to say, polka dots, particularly for my heavier body type and shape.
This 2-piece outfit came in a combination of some elements that I like; stripes, culottes (who would have thunk it! Me? Loving culottes? Hashtag, shook!) and a crop length top, which I seem to be getting obsessed with lately, belly fat notwithstanding.
Speaking of bellies, fashion experts say that you should have zero belly fat and abs of steel to wear crop tops. I am here to tell you that no, anyone can wear crop tops if they know how to style them properly and if they wish to!
One neat trick if you have i-love-my-carbs belly like i do, is to wear your bottoms higher than your belly button, so the area you have showing is just below your breast bone. Anyone can get away with crop tops this way.
Another trick is to master the art of sucking-in. 
Yes, holding in your breath while simultaneously drawing in your belly for extended periods of time, without actually dying is an art. So is posing at certain angles to show off your belly/body in certain light. Just ask IG models. And bloggers 😁.
Anyway, I got this striped, crop top and culottes 2-piece from a new, yet-to-launch, local brand (Mi-ni. Coming soon, watch out for them!) and I love it!
Can't wait to pair the separate pieces with other items i already own.
Take care!

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