Skin Care | Products & Regimen For Oily/Acne Prone Skin.

Today is skin care day here on the blog. Particularly oily, acne prone, problem skin care.

I have cried about my problematic skin here on the blog quite a lot and today I’ll be sharing the products that I use to wash/cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize my skin.
These products include my oldest and most trusted, as well as some new ones that I’m loving.

A little detail about my skin:
My face is oily/combination, prone to acne and blemishes, hyper-pigmented and quite tough/not sensitive.
My body is very normal. So normal that I often wonder if there is a way I can transplant the skin on my body to my face…
I am yet to discover such a way.

I happen to have a background in sales and marketing of skin care products, so if my choices seem basic, it’s because I know better than to go crazy buying into trends and hypes just for the sake of it.
Plus, I am very un-rich at the moment, so I watch my coins and buy only what I absolutely need.
Also, I don’t like to spend forever on complicated skin care regimens and routines, so simple is the way to go for me.

Let's get into it.

I haven’t fully understood the logic behind using a pre-washing product such as the very popular micellar water or even wipes to first take off my makeup AND THEN go wash my face.
Most soaps do the same job of breaking down oils and dirt, no?
Anyway I usually just head straight to washing with water and raw black soap. Two washes usually get the grime gone.
I alternate the black soap with this St. Ives cleanser on days or nights that I don’t wear makeup and need only a mild wash.
There is another bar soap that I use (that’s not pictured, because (I’m out of it at the moment) but these are basically what I use for cleansing.
I also use a sponge/loofah so that helps with lathering and deeper cleansing. Some people preach against using sponges but it's best for my skin, i've found.

Next is exfoliating which is the most important part of my regimen.
As I mentioned earlier, my face is oily and acne/blemish prone and I also have large pores that get clogged quite easily which gives me white heads (ughhh), so breaking down the clogs and sloughing off the dead skin is a regular step for me. I do this two to three times a week using any of the exfoliators pictured here.
I recently got this The Ordinary peeling solution as part of the giveaway price that I won from Cassie Daves and have just started using it.
It’s still too early to tell its efficacy so watch out for the review later.
So far the Bioderma White Objective exfoliating cleanser is still the most effective product I’ve used. Like, the results are visible from the very first use! You can read my full review here.

Baking soda is a good addition to cleansers and exfoliators generally but they can also be used alone. Note to use it in moderation if your skin is sensitive though, as it can be quite strong.

To give my breakouts special attention and generally boost my skin, I go organic.
Honey, turmeric, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and lime/lemon are my friends.
Cheap, easy to use, versatile, safe and very effective, these items are magic.
I mix and match them at different times for different purposes, whether all over my face or for spot treatments. My skin is not sensitive so I use them without much worry.
Please apply caution if your skin is sensitive, especially for the honey, turmeric, lemon and lime.
My advice is to dilute them with water before use.

Last is moisturizing, which is the second most important step next to exfoliating. Any skin care expert will tell you that moisture is king as far as skin care is concerned.
Basically, drink your water and keep your skin moisturized.
I use Bio-Oil eevery morning and night around my eyes in lieu of an eye-cream, and I follow it with this Bioderma sunscreen that i got when i bought the exfoliating cleanser. It’s SPF100 and non-greasy so I love it. 
The Vaseline lotion is an old fave that does the job well plus it is affordable and easily available so I stick with it.
I usually mix it with my oils for extra moisture, especially during dryer days.
Applied when the skin is still damp, this combo does magic. Your skin remains supple and very moisturized for a long time.
If you have dry skin, this is the most effective way to moisturize.
I also won a moisturizer from The Ordinary in the same giveaway but I am yet to start using it. Soon though.

My skin is far from perfect but it is greatly improved and getting better by the day. Just take a look at the progression:
2015 | 2016 | 2017 (with some foundation)
Crazy, right?

Let me also emphasize that, it’s not the products as much as the routine and lifestyle choices that does the trick.
So the more consistent you are with the products and the cleaner your lifestyle choices, the better your skin will become.
Also, it takes time. The best, healthiest skin care products take an average time of ten to twelve weeks if not longer, before any significant result can be achieved, so you need to give your skin time.

PS: I know i didn't mention a toner. That's because my skin HATES any product applied with cotton wool or pads. Those break me out like crazy and most toners are used that way.
Also, i prefer to tone using organic ingredients like rice water and egg whites (interested in a skin care DIY? Say aye in the comments ✋). 

What are your go-to skin care products? Any great product that you recommend I try for my skin issues? Kindly share them in the comment section!

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