Style: All White | Culottes.

My love for monochromatic outfits is waxing stronger than ever, especially these days when fashion is louder and bolder. Be it all-white like this outfit here, all black, whatever the color or shade, monochromatic outfits have my heart.
Not only are they very easy to style, they flatter most body shapes due to their slimming effect. Win!
Now I think I can safely say that I have settled into my style as a person, both fashion wise and in other areas of my life. 
Minimalism aside, I think I can live the rest of my life in simple, easy colors, worn in understated elegance like this outfit here.
The only thing that is NOT ALLOWED to be minimal in my life is my bank account. And Ankara. Ankara is meant to be bold, vibrant and colorful and I hope to be able to indulge in its richness, as soon as I can find a tailor that will not give me high blood pressure… THEY ALL HATE ME.
Anyway, back to this outfit.
I basically restyled these culottes in a more formal way from the last time (see how i wore it here). Guys, a silk shirt like this one here will do you a world of good. 
I have them in white, black, nude and black-and-white stripes. They serve me well for the workweek and even to other occasions. Cheap, easy to wear and maintain, get you some!

The black pumps were a no-brainer when I was styling this outfit. I think they work well with the long sleeves of the shirt. Also, as I said the last time I wore these culottes, heels are best with this length, especially if your figure is on the fuller side like mine.

That's it for this post. Short eh? Yeah, i have been under the weather for a long minute, literally and figuratively. I am just trying to keep my head afloat..

Peace & Happiness to you.

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