Beauty: How To Get Natural Looking Brows | Tutorial.

Let's talk about eyebrows, shall we? 
Natural, sensible looking brows especially, because there are different types of eyebrows, varying in shape, density, style and even color (Yes, tinted/dyed brows are a thing and are very ok), whichever style in which you choose to wear your brows, it's important that they fit, frame and enhance your face properly.
Also, remember this ridiculousness that happened last year? WHY? WHY??
Now with the current make-up styles and techniques around, you have eyebrows that are masterpieces in their own right, but the impressive artisty notwithstanding, some things are basic when it comes to brows. These are key things to note and follow if you are to have nicely-shaped, face fitting brows:
  • Your brows may be related but they’re not twins, so even though they should look very alike, they don’t necessarily have to be an exact replica of each other.
  • You absolutely have to figure out the best shape and angle of eyebrows for your face shape. To help out, here’s a chart for reference.
This doesn't mean that you cannot experiment and adjust the shape/angle if you wish, life’s too short to not try out things but these are usually a safe guide.
  • Go easy. With tweezing/shaving/threading or any other removal or reduction of the hairs, less is more. I even encourage not touching your brows at all if yours are fine or sparse. Also only get your brows done by a professional (who knows what they're doing oh).
With makeup, you can alter or enhance your eyebrows as you wish, but it's best to pay attention to your natural eyebrow and face shape. I personally opt for enhancement rather than alteration and that is what this post is about; enhancing your eyebrows with makeup.

As is my style (minimal and not fancy), I usually keep my eyebrows groomed but easy and natural looking. No Instagram, fleeky eyebrows over here. Not that there is anything wrong with that style of brows, it's just not me. I keep mine neat but not overly done or precise.
I love it that way because it suits my face and personality the best, plus it's easy to do. 
Seriously, I get surprised when I hear people say it takes them 10 to 15 minutes to do their brows alone. 15 whole minutes? Just on your brows? I hail, because I can't imagine it.

This lack of precision-artistry that are my brow style is one anybody can wear and do themselves. 
All it takes are just a few products, little time and some practice.
I made this pictorial below to help guide you along.
Step 1: after cleaning and powdering your brows, brush them through with a spoolie.
Step 2: starting from the front/base and moving horizontally towards the tail, start making SHORT, SHADED STROKES along the sparse areas that you wish to fill.
Step 3: make the SHORT SHADED STROKES upwards at the arch and rest of the brows.
Step 4: brush your shaded brows out.
Step 5: outline and clean up the area right under your brows with a concealer or foundation. Now this part is tricky so py attention.
The key is to use a concealer or foundation that is an exact shade or  NOT MORE THAT ONE SHADE lighter than your complexion. I promise your brows will look natural and classy that way, not to mention easy to blend.
Also, use only a small amount of the concealer or foundation. The idea is to clean up your skin and create a little contrast where your brow shading might have touched.
Step 6: set your cleaned up under-brow area with your regular powder or a neutral eye shadow.

Actually, I made a video of the whole process (SURPRISE!!!). It's a short and simple video that anyone can easily follow so be sure to watch it.
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That is a long story for another day.

Keep walking.

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