Cullotes have been one style item filed under 'NEVER' for me (along with with the fanny-pack-across-the-waist/chest thing that's been everywhere since the summer UGH) until now.

If you're anything above a size 6-8, then being careful about outfits that lack structure should be a familiar struggle. 
Even when i wear loose clothing, which i usually do, i tend to have them in clean, structured lines. So when culottes were the rave some two years ago or so, i totally ignored them. I wasn't about to add more undecided bulk to my derriere and thigh area, plus the awkward length can add to ones stumpiness if one is not careful.. No ma'am.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago when my friend gifted me these white pair. 
I pondered about it for a while, styled it in my head, added the accessories in my mind and thought that i should give it a shot. I could always take it off if it looks funny.

Here we are. I looked casually chic in it, the slightly-cropped top i decided to pair it with showed the tiniest amount of belly fat skin which made me very happy and feel sexy, my body doesn't look weird and the accessories worked! 
Now these culottes are one of my 'going out', special items, who'd have thunk it?

I am now on the hunt or a black pair (of course) and that's how i know i love it. Gotta have it in black.
Thanks Nse for the photos!

Moral of the story: Never say never. We should be less critical of ourselves/bodies and not be afraid to try new things. Except wearing a fanny pack under my breast. I'm not doing that.

Style tips: 
- Keep your top close-fitted to accentuate your midriff and create a balance between your upper body and the bulk below.
- Culottes go better with heels.
- White looks so expensive and chic with gold accessories.

What style item is a no-no-never for you? Have you tried anything new style wise? how did it go?


Style: Culottes.

2017 has been such a weird year for me. A total roller coaster, let me tell you.
I've decided to take stock and look at the year from the angle of lessons learned and insights gleaned, more than the actual events that took place.

These lessons are as follows:
Consistency - With my blog and social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook), i was not consistent, so i did not grow at all. It was a mixture of not planning content, generating and discarding content because i did not think they were good enough, being depressed for long periods, being physically ill a lot and just generally feeling demotivated. This has to change if i want to see any progress. 

Do and keep doing, don't wait for perfection - This is tied to my creative work and other things i was meant to do.

Be thankful and actively count your blessings - This is one of my new life's theme.

Keep your spirits up and find the light, especially when you're in a dark place. Staying demotivated and uninspired will keep you from moving forward.

Take care of your self. Fitness, food, emotions and the active pursuit of happiness.

Be intentional. With EVERYTHING. Awareness and laser focus are the ways to stay on track and succeed. This is my second life's theme.

Build valuable relationships. In my work life, i made tremendous progress with this, and with God's favor and through these contacts, i recorded unprecedented success. Like, God really blessed my work this year. I had loooooooooooong months of what felt like futility but in just these last few days of the year, God came through and showed out for me! Blessings that topped all that i've done throughout the year COMBINED, crowned with a promotion! Unbelievable!
In my social and personal life though, i did not grow in this area, so i'm hoping to make efforts in the coming months and years. You need people, good people. 

About being thankful, i especially thank God for blessing my family with my niece Coco this year. As i wrote when she came, she is the highlight of the year for me and i'm super thankful to God for that blessing.
Also, my friends are the best. Few as they are, i appreciate them. A couple of them even surprised me this year and i am so grateful.

Let me also encourage anyone who reads this, don't give up. On your self, your goals, life, on God (if you believe). Your life can change in a second, any second, so keep the faith. What choice do we really have anyway?.

We're all struggling out here, so don't let anything or anyone make you feel less than good about your self. 
Don't focus on the curated stuff you see on social media or with other people's lives and successes. Our journeys are different so you MUST focus on your own, find your purpose, find your lane and find your happy.

Remember also to CHOOSE YOURSELF as James Altucher would say, because you owe it yourself  and nobody can love you like you yourself (and God) can.

Whoosh! I know I don't usually do this heavy motivational stuff here but i was led to do it and i hope it helps in any way. I'm also talking to my self too because i need the encouragement, so we're all in this together, okay?

Happy holidays to you, be happy and thrive!

Taking Stock: 16. Thanksgiving.

Hey guys! Long time no skin care post, no review, no post at all, nothing.
Things have been very intense for me and not in a good way but I am back and this time it's with a review of the Bioderma White Objective Moussant Lightening Cleanser.
I got it some weeks ago from a Boots store in Dubai and have been using it religiously since then and let me tell you, my skin is so much better for it.
Bioderma is a French mid-level skin care brand that is known for their wide range of effective products for cleansing, treatment and maintenance of different skin types, covering lightening, sun protection and hydration functions. 
I have seen/heard about their products here and there but haven't gotten around using them until now.
I picked up the White Objective Moussant Lightening Cleanser because it is supposed to exfoliate the skin and even out spots and hyper-pigmentation, which is what my skin needs. 

It contains AHAs with tiny, fine micro-beads that help with the scrubbing and exfoliating, while the light, creamy, foamy paste does the rest. 
Also, the fragrance is light, slightly spicy and very pleasant, which i like.
The cleanser is to be used every other day with the option of using it as a mask about two times a week. A very versatile product, this cleanser.

In my experience, this is one of the best exfoliating cleansers that i've used and i have used quite a lot, thanks to my oily, acne-prone/problem skin. Ugh.
Unfortunately, it is quite very scarce here in Nigeria. I have searched for it on some online stores but no luck. The best bet would be to get it from abroad via Mall For Africa or any other means.

It's just been three weeks since i've been using this cleanser but its exfoliating and cleansing action is almost instant and the efficacy is noticeable, so i am quite impressed. 
The photo above is raw (without edit) and if you look closely, you'd see that my face and body are very close in complexion. It didn't use to be so. I've had a darker face and lighter body for such a long time and i'm very happy that my overall complexion is finally evening up. 
The cleanser also doesn't leave the skin dry after wash off, which is a plus, compared to my Kuddy Cosmetics Exfoliating Scrub which leaves some creamy residue on the skin after use. This Bioderma one just does its job and leaves the skin clean and free.

Cleansing/Exfoliation: 9/10
Lightening: 7/10
Overall experience/rating: 9/10

I hope it continues to improve my skin because i intend to stick with it for a while.

In case anyone knows where or how i can buy this product from here, please let me know in the comments. Hook your girl up, please.

Peace & Happiness.


Review: Bioderma White Objective Moussant Lightening Cleanser.

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