2017 Birthday Wishlist.

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Walking into November (my birthday month) like...

Where has the year gone?! I vividly remember last December and here we are again, so soon!
I’m not complaining too much though, because this is my favorite part of the whole year. I just love the holidays and generally feel happier around these times.
AND AND AAAANNND (in Peter Mckinnon's voice)  it’s my birthday this month! *shoki emoji*

26th of November is my birthday and as usual, I’m beyond giddy and set to unleash all sorts of unruliness, so, to the people in my life, BRACE YOURSELVES.

One of such unruly behaviors is my beggi-beggi, also known as, my birthday wishlist.
I started this tradition a few years back and if you’ve been reading my blog for that long, you’d have seen my lists for the past couple of years or so (see the 2016 list here).
I usually just put up some stuff that I want that I am not/have not been able to get for myself, hoping that a genie or fairy or Jesus or someone will gift it to me.

Last year, I got one of the biggest surprises of my life when one kind stranger who I’m friends with on Facebook gave me the memory card I had asked for on my list, just like that!
I posted the list, shared it on my Facebook page and he messaged me that he wanted to gift me the memory card. We planned, met up in person and he gave me the card. A brand new Samsung Class-10 32GB memory card. I could not believe it.
It was the first time I was getting a gift like that, ever, and from a stranger too. God bless that gentleman.
Anyway, I’m back with another list this year. As you can see, I’m not greedy at all.
I've already been blessed with my new-born niece Coco this year, so all the things on this list are just additions that i also need and would be grateful to have.
The stuff here are things that I really really really (X 1000) want and need right now.
A couple of other things on my mind aren’t here because I have directly tasked the particular individuals that I want to get it from (-.-).. so, children of god, feel free to bless me with any of the items you see here. 

1. A camera tripod, because, my camera is just one table-shake away from falling and breaking. I'll just die.
2. Wristwatch(es). A black leather one and/or a gold chain one. Cluse and Daniel Wellington has amazing options. Any nice quality brand will do sha.
3. Nikon 18-140mm Zoom Lens. If there's one thing i'm in dire need of from the list, this is it. It's quite pricey, i know, but I. NEED. IT.
4. White sneakers. Any brand is fine. I wear size Euro 40/ UK 7/ US 9.
5. Money.
6. Some money.
7. Any amount of money.
8. Money.
9. A lot of money.
10. Tarty billion for the acant..

That's it for this year. Just a few small things here and there, nothing major 😇.

Lastly, kindly also remember that money answereth all things, so all alerts are welcome..

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon, because like i said last year, if you spoil me on my birthday, will you die?? (I'm kidding. But give me my birthday present abeg).


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