Taking Stock: 15. Coco.

Dainty, tiny, fair, beautiful hair, eyebrows like mine, a big nose, the light of all our lives, NOT A MORNING PERSON, likes food, baths and massages, likes her mama. That’s Coco, also known as Chloe Munachimso Obioha. 
My niece, my littlest, newest relative, my first child by way of my sister and my dearest love.

All children are a blessing but Coco being born to us is something more. I don’t even know how to express it.
She’s the first child of the new generation of my family and this year has been quite tough for my family, so, her coming is a really poignant point for us. A new thing to be thankful for. A sign that God has not forgotten us. That he is still listening to our prayers. That we should have hope of some happiness again.

I now understand that life is bigger than us. 
I now, more than before, believe that God is truly great and he is capable of blessing us in ways that can leave us deeply humble, totally thankful, wholly happy & joyful. Joy and love like we have never felt before.
It's as if some force has moved through every member of our family, filling us with new joy and energy. Maybe it's just the excitement of welcoming our Coco but we haven't had such a big joyous occasion in my family in a long time, so i thank God.

Coco was born on Sunday 15th October 2017. She came on time, without any long, painful, drawn-out labor or complications for the mama and our family.
All she does is eat (which is usually demanded for with some intense squeezing of her little face, followed by loud, screaming cry) and sleep with the regular brief intermissions for pooping and chilling.
She’s hardly ever just awake, not for more than three minutes anyway lol. She’s living my dream life basically.

In summary (because I am short of words these days), my family has been blessed beyond what we hoped for and we are grateful.
For me especially, I haven’t felt good for a long time now but meeting Coco this past weekend is the highlight of 2017 for me.

As I Take Stock of stuff right now, despite underlying feelings of sadness and demotivation, I feel grateful and blessed.

Important fact: Muna was the name I initially suggested to my sister months ago when we found out the sex of the baby. I’m ecstatic that they finally went with it.

Important fact 2: They decided on Chloe first (before the Igbo name Muna) and I started calling her Coco from the day she was born and now it's kind of stuck. I love the nickname. 
My parents are not crazy about the name, my pops gave her his own choice of an Igbo name, My brother-in-law’s mother gave her another Igbo name and my mother haven’t decided on what to call her. Such chaos. Lol.

Peace & Happiness to you!

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